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I used to shop at my two local dollar general stores all the time. I would do their 'Buy $25 get $5 off special" every time they had it, often doing it twice in one day, getting $50 total for a total of $10 off.

Then, once when I was in the store, this one lady manager acted like she thought that I was stealing and would stay with throughout the store making sure that I didn't rip anything off. Obviously, like right next to looking at me face to face angrily and suspiciously. So I stopped going there for a real long time. I figured I could go to the other Dollar General store near me, but found out that she works there sometimes too and she did the same thing.

So, altogether, between both stores they have lost hundreds of dollars in my business.

I have returned a very few times since then and haven't run into this woman, I don't know if she still works there, but after having been gone so long i was totally struck by how "Icky" their stores are and they have one register with a real long line with like 10 people waiting. I was going to get something, but wasn't worth waiting through all that long line, and decided to get it from somewhere else." DOLLAR GENERAL, YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR STORE WORTH GOINGTO THE PEN OVER!"

I liked: When i used to shop there years ago when they were nice.

I didn't like: Followed and watched to make sure i did not steal anything.

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Thank God that in America today there is such a wide assortment of businesses to choose from! If you don't like the way one store treats you like you're stealing, you have plenty of other stores to shop at they will treat you with dignity and respect and who deserve your business. God Bless America!


Some of the Salvation Army thrift stores have security guards them. I guess they must have had a lot of people ripping off stuff from their stores. Probably people banned from shopping at Dollar General.


Which is why they also have the right to ban you from the premises. You'd have to bring a lawsuit to counteract that.

Most intelligent people would just move on but you seem stubborn enough to actually bring a lawsuit. Unfortunately, the reason these rules are put into place is to deal with the lowest common denominator.......poor, ignorant Americans.


And yet many people steal every day from all retailers. I've worked in retail for 20 of the last 25 years in management and it happens every day.

It happens so often that I know several of the city police officers by name because we have to call them to our store so often. So obviously, it is worth going to jail over.

to Anonymous #1511055

Yes people steal, but from what I understand reading the post. She didn't steal anything.

She was being unjustly profiled. Dollar General Cashiers, Walmart Door Greater/Bouncers, or any staff member of any retail establishment. These people are not Law Enforcement. They do not have the right to treat honest customers like a criminal.

An example every-time I leave any store with door staff whom wish to check my receipt. I look them straight in the eye and say "No Thank you" as I curtly walk past. They are not law enforcement, also places like Costco or Sams Club usually have a long line a people waiting to exit the store because they have to show there receipt before leaving? I just stood in line to actually purchased my items now I am supposed to stand in line again to what?

"Prove" I just purchased my stuff? Again I just walk by, I have broken to laws and do not answer to any retail employee.

to Anonymous #1513678

According to her, that is.... most thieves don’t tell the truth.

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