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In april my stepmother, 14 month old daughter and self were shopping at one of your locations here in walterboro, South Carolina. After self and daughter checking out i proceeded to parking lot where i then casually walked my daughter around in parking lot while waiting for stepmother to finish shopping, after ten or so minutes self and daughter re-entered your store to let stepmother know we (self and child) were finished shopping.

We all then exited store when an excessive number of police cars, five for certain possibly more surrounded our vehicle, told us to back away from car i then pulled child out of car and stepped away, more then 7 officers began yelling and thratening myself, my stepmother, and mistakenly my child. I was tgreatened that if i had not gotten anyone to immediately and within ten minutes to pick up my daughter she would be placed in state custody through local defax agency. Lady officer Tutti and man officer proceeded to threaten self and srepmother stating your manger had myvstepmother on camera stealing an opened but empty box of unisom. In addition proceeded to yeall stating we ( self and stepmom) were going to jail regardless whether we fessed up or not and those were their exact words.

My fiance showed up just in time to pick up our child and take her home and unfortunately pit my child in a stare of shock and severe seperation anxiety from self being placed into custody for acckmplicing an uncommitted and later proven crime. My stepmotger and i were wrongfully arrested for something we just did not do! Yet spent an entire night in jail in a cold cell, the unisom wasnot found on us nor in oir possession, your manafer lied. I was advised to contact your office personally before proceeding with an attorney.

I nor has my stepmother retained a lawyer at this time, we have consulted three different lawyers whom are all on board to take our case, but in an effort to do the noble thing self and stepmother choose to perhaps discuss this and handle this situation on a more personal note and without court proceedings which as you know will cost your company quite a bit more financially in the long run.

We do have infact another meeting this Friday, so i would like to hear from your company prior to then. Shannon Gradick, alledged accomplice alomg with stepmother Patricia Allmond

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your storytelling is almost as bad as your spelling and sentence structures.


In the above case with Shannon Allmond and her stepmother, there has been arrest in Walmart also. Allmond is a known shop lifter and drug user.

She is trying to resolve this matter out of court because she has outstanding warrants in both South Carolina and Georgia. Don't back down from her Dollar General!

to Anonymous #1431318

lol just searched it up xD who is she trying to threaten? LOL

#1336005 said product on any of two arrested, and yet had to spend THE NIGHT IN JAIL..

I can't believe this is legal....No product, no evidence, .....Baby without her mother overnight because of a mistake ? SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY all the way out to New Mexico..

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