So I was shopping at the dollar general on Wilson rd near Wible rd. I was near the refrigerators by the milk and there was an associate changing signs for tomarrows ad. Being that I am an experienced retail associate myself I asked "since the signs are up don't you have to honor that price?" Simple question right? Not even cause I wanted it but because I was curious. The lady rudely responded "no" and started walking away. So I just kind of said "oh" and as I was walking away, there was a man walking towards the refrigerators where I was standing and asked "do they have milk here" as he ran by me, he grabbed the milk and headed towards the registers. About a min. later I'm walking down the next aisle and the worker that was changing the prices earlier, aggressively approaches me and says "your friend that you were talking to about the milk with, just ran out with merchandise." I was confused for a min. and I even asked her if she was kidding. She was dead serious though. At this point I'm feeling humiliated first of all, and I told her over and over again I did not know that man. I told her that he asked me if they had milk. Then she says to me "I heard him ask you if you had milk at home." Wow I could not believe this girl. To be that convinced, and to come at me like that was just so embarrassing and It made me feel really bad. I told her that my husband was in the car outside I even told her what kind of of car he was in and why he would be waiting for me if I was with the man that ran off. I have never been treated this way or seen anyone treat a customer the way she treated me. So then she even tells me that I had to leave. I am truly in shock at this point. I know I did nothing wrong at all. I mean I do understand why she would be concerned and I get that it continuously happens at this location but when I'm sitting there explains to you that I do not know this man you gotta back off and here me out for a min.

Then I ask her if she was the manager or if there was someone that I can speak to and she said that she was the night manager. Then I asked her name and she refused to give me her name. So eventually tells me just to pay for my stuff and leave. But this tells me okay maybe she got that she may have been wrong because if she still thought I was lying she would have made me leave as she stated before. With that being said all she had to do was apologize and start acting like a manager. So I walk to the register and ask the girl what her name was and she wouldn't tell me neither and I get that, so then I asked for corporates number and she said that it was on my receipt. I walked out still shocken up, and I tell my husband what happened and he checked the reciept for the number and it was not even there. So yes I did go back inside and basically said I was not going to leave until I had the number. The cashier was actually the one helping me with that, keep in mind there is still customers that were waiting to pay. Meanwhile the manager was nowhere in sight. At one point the manager actually tells the cashier that she was going to the restroom. I always thought that the manger on duty was in charge of the store and making the right decisions and basically taking control of situations. Resolving any issues that accure during their shift.

Like I stated before I have worked retail for more than 10 years I would never treat anyone the way I was treated tonight.

I hope my experience gets to the right people and something actually gets done about it. No one should ever be accused of such nonsense and harassed the way I was tonight. It's truly insulating. To top it off she had the audacity to call the police on me! I'm gonna go ahead and name this women "THE WORST MANAGER EVER" I would not want this type of person representing my store it's an embarrassment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Wrongfully accused by night manager.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: I was wrongfully accused, I was insulted and humiliated.

  • Dollar General On Wilson Rd
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Mountain View, California, United States #1189058

Stop taking pictures of workers you creep. Look at the circumstances surrounding the incident.

This store is full of ghetto customers who lie. I know this because I've shopped there and have seen it. I've experienced it as well. I have caught people stealing and they boldly lie to management and act as if they were being harassed.

What bothers me the most is disgusting people like you who take photos of complete strangers and post them online. You were offended, get over it.

to Anonymous #1605798

You telling her to get over it shows me that you must quite the door mat. She should take a min to check herself she's the manager not the *** store owner can't talk to people how ever the *** you want.

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