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I live in Benton Missouri! We had a new Dollar store put in our town!

People loved it until they got this new Manager there several months ago! This store is a disgrace! People from here have been calling in with complaints! Nothing is being done!

All there good help quit out there because of him! My grandbaby run out of formula last night and went to get some and the self was empty and they said they had some in the back but the girl said she could not get it out of the back because the manager was not there! They put the sale ad in the paper on Sunday and you go out there they don't even have it on the shelves! There is stuff all in floors and you can not get down the aisles for their carts with everything piled in them!

I know over 30 people who won't go there anymore! When it first opened it was so nice and not it is a place no one wants to go!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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