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I have had ENOUGH of the attitudes of the cashiers at this store. If you can't or won't say HELLO to someone or make eye contact, then get out of the business!

I don't care how low the prices are, I don't work my *** off to go spend my money where people act like it pains the to speak. Some of these people seriously need an attitude adjustment. There are entirely too many people in this world that need jobs and would be more than happy to work there.

It appears they purposely go out of their way to choose rude moody people to work for them. You won't get a cent of my money again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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As I type this I'm sick as a dog and have no voice so I guess that makes me one of the rude ones because I can't greet customers?


I'm not a rude person but I think this cashier is and was..

Pants / Shoes

Which one would you rather see ?

Having No shoes is not a problem .. But Seeing another's *** Hang out is a problem!


I have been going inside this store for year and today I was told I couldn't come back in the store if I didn't have shoes, I have never wore shoes in this I asked the lady as a guy was entering the store what about him ? He had his pants hanging down you could see his underclothes? Shoes should not be a problem but pants should be..

Catonsville, Maryland, United States #803388

Has it ever occurred to you pissymissy that cashiers are paid to work not socialize while working. If a cashier had a line of people and they were in a hurry, cashiers are more likely to cater to those customers so they wont get cussed out or risk losing business.

Because of that cashiers ain't gonna always have the time to greet everybody that enters the store. So if you don't get greeted when you enter a place of business, don't take it personally, they're doing the best they can to serve everybody the best they can.

to dgcashier #1376295

You epitomize what is wrong with the company you work for. You don't get it, you won't ever understand because that's the level of your education.

Stay working there and keep being nasty - it is a turn off to customers and more and more will leave. Then you can do the work of 3 people and really not have time to say "hello".

Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia #802719

Judging from your review and reply to another user it seems like you are the one that need an attitude adjustment. Has it ever occurred to you to say hello first?

If your attitude is the same as the way you posted your review and responded to anonymous than no wonder they don't smile at you, and with your attitude you won't be missed.

There are many other polite people. You want them to talk to you try growing up a little and adjusting your attitude.

Dover, New Jersey, United States #802671

So you are a customer and that makes the cashier your servant and needs to act a certain way towards you and your royal rear end? They are a cashier I can not tell you how abusive customers were, they would make demands of me, want a free something, yell at me, hold up my line and act like over grown babies....most of these cashiers not only have to ring you out they have to stock a certain number of boxes a week, clean the front end, clean the registers, stock the registers and ring you out, and they are not paid enough to put up with attitude like yours....get a grip you are not entitled to anything other then to have your stuff rung up correctly and are NOT you even work or are you someone who is "disabled" and just collecting the money that cashier pays in taxes....


MissyPissy, I don't want anybody praying over me. I'm not better, I am stating facts.

The only thing customer service requires is for the employee to be polite. I've worked retail, taught school, raised two daughters, worked in a non-profit thrift store, worked fast food, been a legal secretary, worked in various offices as a receptionist, and retired when I was almost 66. When I was younger the only store employees that greeted a person was if they personally knew you. Otherwise if you saw a customer looking at something you asked if you could help them.

This was back when stores weren't self serve.

Each department had it's own cash register----the infant department had their own, men's clothing had their own, etc. When I'm shopping, I'm shopping to heck with employees being friendly and if I need assistance, I go and ask for it.


Why should any employee say hello or smile, if they don't feel like it. They aren't getting paid to be sociable, they are getting paid to be cashiers or stocking merchandise.

I'm sure they won't miss your cent. In fact they probably won't miss your childish attitude either.

to anonymous #802612

It's called customer service oh bitter one. You must hover around sites like this spewing out *** replies to better your sad little world.

I'd pray for you, but you're too far gone.

to Missy***y Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia #802720

I think you are referring to yourself. You are the one far gone. You are the bitter one spewing out ***, and living in a sad world.

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