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I moved down from New Mexico to Corpus Christi Lake Mathis because I am working at the Army Depot. On July the 27th my mother which came in from New Mexico went to Dollar General to get a few last minute things for my sons birthday party.

While we were there I had decided to get some school supplies for school. I usually carry a wrap around shoulder bag as my purse, I was told to leave it behind the counter by the manager Rose which said that she was sorry but they had a lot of kids come in and try to take stuff mind you Im 42 yrs old. I then replied its my purse with my military badge, wallet and personnel belonging Rose then replied" oh nothing will happen to it back here at the counter, mind you I managed retail for 15 years. She assumed that I was trying to take something because of my purse.

I work for the federal government! I then told her I'll just take it to my car . I returned back in with my mom and we still needed to go to the grocery store in town so I asked an employee by the name of Ruby if she could hold the had basket with school supplies until I got back from the grocery store because I needed plastic folders with brads and if the didn't have them then I would buy more of the paper folder with beads Ruby looked straight at my mom and I rolled her eyes took a deep breath and said I GUESS JUST PUT IN ANYWHERE HERE! My mom and I looked at each other and I told Ruby Nevermind this has been the worse experience here I want your name, your managers name and your coorperate office number, Ruby then replied " I don't know what I did wrong but it's Ruby and my managers name is Rose, then she yelled across the store for her manager Rose and I asked her for the coorperate number and she said she didn't know it , I then told her that was fine I would get it off the Internet.

This is not the first time I've had bad service there but this was the worse ever and my worse experience ever. I will never return to that store and if you cannot deal with your job and customer service maybe that's not the job for them. Customers make the business and without customer service the business won't be as successful. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

The other time I was there they were doing inventory and the manager Rose was at the checkout throwing my products around into the bag I bought I asked if she was having a bad day she then replied I have been working a lot of hours and tired. I understand I replied I've been there but we have to do our best to treat customers like a normal day. We are not at fault.

There had been more customer service issues which I will add on to my report with the Better Business Bureau. Your employees just can't assume by the purses customers carry or because of kids taking things so everyone else will too or because the employees or managers are having a bad day are having a bad day we all gave those but that's are job and what if I was a police officer or private investigator and they did that they would of been in a lot of trouble!

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And The Stores in Question are In Russellville Alabama,...Not Richardson,Texas....My GMail is


I Must Say,I'm very Unhappy With The Dollar General Policies on Begging For your Change Every Time you Shop There,..The Very Reason I do Shop There is because You can Save a few Cents,...Well you Could, Until The Cashier holds your Change,then asks You For It,...Homeless People are not aloud to do so,..Why should some Millionare? This Should STOP!! If i want to Donate I will on my own free will,.....Stop Begging!!

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