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I'm very friendly.I introduce myself to new clerks. I did this when I saw Barbara several mos.

ago. She glared at me, saying said,"What do you want?"

I now avoid her at every visit. She never smiles, and always is spying on customers around corners, sure they are stealing. Sad woman (wht, 50s, hairlip.)

I saw her scream at one customer, "WHAT'S IN THOSE BAGS?" She had cloth shopping bags.

The woman said, "Nothing yet. I use these at all stores. A lot of people do." "LET ME SEE THEM" grabbing and looking inside.

Ugly! Hateful!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Why waste the time of any cashier being friendly. I don't want cashiers calling me by name, and I know a lot of other people that don't want that either.

If the cashier doesn't know you from Eve why would they want to know your name? Some people just plain don't smile, as long as they do their job, there isn't any law that says they have to smile. Also when you describe the cashier that takes away from you complaint. When you say "hair lip" do mean she has hair on her upper lip or that she has what back in the day used to be called a hair lip, which was when a baby was born with a defect that had to be corrected surgically and left a life long scar.

Either way drawing attention to the problem is really rude of you. I would probably glare and you and be suspicious of you if you came up to me and introduced yourself to me. Actually that is what my adult mentally handicapped daughter does. When we go to WalMart, most of the employees there know her by her first name and she knows them by their names, she doesn't always pronounce their names right, but they seem to like her.

It's the same way at the bank that we go to. In fact one of the female employees at the bank had a baby a couple weeks ago and the other day she took the baby to the bank and called my daughter to come and see the baby. If you are a normal person, some people might consider you too forward when you do this. How do you know this cashier is spying around corners?

That could be said about the cashiers in almost every store I go in because if they aren't checking anybody out, they are supposed to go and stand in the aisle right by their register waiting for a customer to come looking for an open lane, sometimes they are also supposed to go to some nearby stock and straighten it out. The customer with the cloth bags should have put them in a shopping cart while they shopped instead of carrying them around in the store.

If people do suspicious acting things an employee has the right to question them. You sound like you are kind of paranoid.

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