I've not been to the Dollar in a really long time. I Wasn't banned from the premises for stealing or anything, just didn't like how everything in the store was so icky looking and the place looked very dirty and tacky in general.

I have been watched suspiciously before, and it reminded me the Goodwill store that I had went to where they had a security guard there. i remember thinking to myself, 'Why does Goodwill need a security guard? Who the hail would want to get caught stealing any of the crap from Goodwill?" and my same thoughts apply to the Dollar General Store. "Who The Hail Would Want to Get Caught Stealing Any Of The Crap From Dollar General?" I used to shop at Dollar General frequently but since they put in a new Wal-Mart store nearby, i find that I can find many of the same type of crap that I had been buying at Dollar General for much less money.

And the atmosphere of Wal-Mart is so much nicer than Dollar General. Dollar General is icky warm in the summertime, it feels like they are trying to save money on their electric bill. But Wal-Mart has the air-conditioning on real nice and cold in the summer. The air-conditioning also clears the air of the nasty smell of all of the unwashed customers.

But in Dollar General, the smell of the dirty people lingers in the unpleasantly stale warm air. I don't like the real long lines you have to wait in at dollar general. At Wal-Mart, I can get my stuff and get the hail out of there quickly. I don't like the General presentation of the Dollar General stores either.

Also, i may note, that there are some shoplifters who work in pairs.

One goes into the store acting real suspicious, checking over their shoulder, looking around, etc. while their accomplice who you would never suspect, is stuffing their pockets with merchandise while the Dollar General employee in charge of looking out for shoplifters in following the suspicious one around, who is not stealing anything, but is merely serving as a distraction, so that the real shoplifter is not seen stealing all of the stuff.

Reason of review: that wal-mart opened up nearby so that i can shop there instead of Dollar General.

I liked: Going to goodwill industries much better than dollar general.

I didn't like: Way the store is uncomfortably warm in the summertime.

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F. You Dollar General Corporation!


I Think that Dollar General Stores should start respecting their customers.


Dollar General Needs to Get It's Act Together!


..........said the shoplifter who had to find a new store to shop lift from.........



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