I've been reading these reviews and its quite obvious that the replies are coming from DG employees. You are a bunch of idiots.

My daughter works for DG and these consumers are right on the money about their legitimate complaints. The managers have no managerial skills whatsoever which makes the employees look bad and not trained properly in good customer service, manners and listening to what the customer says. They can't even count money back to you the right way. If it weren't for the register to tell them how much I can just imagine how much money would be miss directed.

My daughter is actually in college working part time even though she is full time all the time. Manager refuses to put her as full time. Disgust me to no end. What needs to happen us DG quit taking people off the street for manager positions that aren't trained with people skills and everything that goes with it.

They need to hire experience managers with good pay to have quality employees. And for God sake if there is no other option at least get the managers trained.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Your daughter also needs to grow up an fight her own battles.


The fact that you ASSume that people telling you that you are wrong work for dollar general and the childish name calling proves you are six years old. Since you mention you are a parent you are mentally retarded with the thinking level of a six year old.


If your daughter works for DG, maybe she is the one replying to all the complaints here! I find is hilarious that you state your daughter works for DG and then proceed to call DG employees names! LOL too funny.

Los Angeles, California, United States #923049

My wife is an assistant manager at dollar general in California. All of the managers in the same district as her, have been harassed and ultimately berated by their district manager "Mike" and even had srxual comments made to her by this person.

And as of this day there is no regional manager to report "mikes" behavior to.

If anyone complains about him, the complaint comes right to him so no one says anything out of fear for their jobs. Very sad work place...

Fancy Farm, Kentucky, United States #755874

I think the manager is refusing to give your daughter full time because mommy keeps coming in to work to breast feed her and change her diaper. Seriously it is sad someone in college cannot fight their own battles.

With the childish name calling and assuming that because someone uses logic to defend a company that "noneya1" and the OP are not really parents but two angry nine year old's who got grounded because they were caught shoplifting candy from the store because mommy refused to buy them some.

I doubt these posters are parents, much less adults. If this is the case it scares me what the next generation will turn out to be.

BTW before our narrow minds jump to conclusions. I do not work for Dollar General.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #668194

In reading your posting what is obvious is the company and managers you are criticizing are putting your daughter through college due to YOUR POOR MANAGEMENT to do so. Before you ctiticize I suggest one reviews their own performance.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #666606

All you know about it is what your daughter says and what you see as a customer. it is natural for an employee to complain about management.

What makes you think they hire managers off the street? Most managers work their way up the chain. Just because your daughter doesn't think she is being treated right, doesn't mean that the management is poor and untrained. What do you consider counting the change back to you the right way?

I haven't seen any employee/manager/or anybody in the workplace count change back the way I was taught to when I was a teenager back in the 50s. The register tells the cashier how much change the customer has coming and the cashier counts it out in their own hand and hands it to the customer in one lump sum, telling the customer the amount that it is.

There isn't any counting it out, the old fashioned way. As far as your daughter is concerned----if she is old enough to be in college and working, she should be doing her own complaining, instead of letting mommy do it.

to anonymous Lemay, Missouri, United States #677612

Hey anonymous, you have commented on pretty much every thread on this site about DG. It's very apparent that you have either worked or work for them at some point in your miserable life.

I have worked here for this company for 3 years now and can tell you that every one of the complaints are spot on. This is not the 50's anymore.

Some of us actually have to bust our *** for this company, work a second job, and still need assistance from the state because there is nothing out there even for a person with a BACHELOR'S DEGREE! So please, either STFU, or die and stop draining social security so at least my children have a chance in lfe!

to noneya1 #753521

OMG, Noneya1, you are just as bad as Anonymous. I believe you are the mother again or you are a relative to the mother.

Either way, you should get your facts straight before you say spot on honey! You just sound bitter. If you don't like the job and can't do it right, then leave your job. Don't blame everyone else for it.

Excuses are like a**holes, everybody's got one. :grin

to noneya1 #923438

WHO CARES what someone has commented of!!! LIFE: get one!

to noneya1 #926085

Your daughter is an idi*t as well if she works there, just like mommy.

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