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First of all the store is trashed ... Carts everywhere no way to shop !

The guy at the register is on some kinda of drugs it seemed . The check machine was down so I was told I had to put my things back :-/ after spending an hour in there shopping ....waste of my time and Im sure glad not my money !!!! I will NEVER go into that store again ! There were people behind me it was very embarressing !


The Store in Marble Falls is not any better !!! Where can I go to request getting rid of Dollar General and bringing in Family Dollar ?

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #699111

Why would it be embarrassing that you had to leave your merchandise, just because the check machine wasn't working. You would have had reason to be embarrassed if they had just plain declined your check.

to anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #699154

they could have just took the check !I have wrote checks there hundreds of times . not the customers problem there machine is broken !!

to Anonymous Mary Esther, Florida, United States #753476

I have to agree with anonymous. It sounds like to me (just my thoughts) that your check was declined.

It is DG's policy to hand the declined check back after the first time it is declined. We also give you a receipt that has an 800 number on it. Now if it was the other way, then I would have suggested you talk to the Manager, as they should have been able to help you. I don't know if they would have taken the check, but maybe the manager could have held your items while you went and got cash from an ATM or cashed your check somewhere else.

And, not to be rude, but some of our cashiers are very quiet.

This does not mean that they are on drugs. Sorry about your experience.

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