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This evening I stopped in the store with my ten year old daughter and 22 year old son to get a few items one included a pack of cigarettes. Which I was carded for.

I am extremely embarrassed because the lady stood there and said I’m just doing my job. She was very rude about it and the people behind me acted as though I was short in funds. I have wrinkles and gray hair that is older than this girl.

It really upset me and that was uncalled for. The state law states that you are to require identification unless the person appears to be under the age of 27 years of age here in Pennsylvania.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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we don’t give a *** if you’re older.. if your older then you should understand it’s required for us to check.


It is DG policy to card for cigarettes REGARDLESS of how old you look or how many times they have carded you. Failure to do so results in immediate termination. Why should they lose their job for you to buy poison?


They are doing their job as it’s a restricted sale item. Just because you LOOK like you are older doesn’t mean you are.

Police will routinely send in undercover officers in makeup regular or theater make up. If a cashier doesn’t pass the sting they are immediately fired and given a STEEP fine. But since YOU were embarrassed by being asked for your ID you feel it’s appropriate to whine online. Get over yourself snowflake.

The cashier HAD to ID you or face losing their job. You are such a real humanitarian putting someone else’s job at risk because you are a dried up husk of a human being. How about dropping that self righteous and self entitled attitude and have a bit of damn empathy. How do you think you made that poor cashier feel?

Oh but in your eyes that human being is nothing. When I get carded I thank them!! I know they have to do it because it’s required per their job. I find it funny, they feel better because I didn’t turn into a complete fool.

Since I thank them and treat them as a FELLOW HUMAN BEING and not a servant I help to make their day better. I’m guessing you probably were not raised that way.

And sadly your post pretty much proved it. Must be nice to be so much better then everyone else.


But we also have to follow company policy and card every one no matter the age do you want to be responsible for my bills when I loose my job and pay the fine I would receive if I didn’t card you, no I don’t think you would. So grow up and get over it.


Sooooo carry your ID. She was rude (to you) because you were holding up the line and yes, she was doing her job. You don’t get ndersrnad why people get upset about this.

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