at the beginning of your shift i was always allowed to count my drawer to start out with $100.00. and never allowed to count my drawer at the end of my shift.

they said i was $32.00 short. in all my years of running a register i was the one responsible for counting my drawer at the beginning and end of my shift. this is not fair because the asst mgr gets to lock herself in the office and count your drawer. how can a person defend ones self.

who is to say the asst mgr is not pocketing the money. i have never ever made a mistake like that in my life.

one day hired and then you wonder all the time what you drawer is going to turn out like. seems like a lot of people come and go there.

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Hays, Kansas, United States #799198

You are supposed to be able to count it at the beginning and end of your shift. someone is lying to you.


Hey if your grammar is as horrible as your math perhaps you did make a mistake.


Are you the only employee that doesn't get to count their drawer at the end of the shift? If not you don't have anything to complain about.

It seems like I have been hearing more and more stores, restaurants, etc. doing this.

Think about how many people could end up in one area if the people going off a shift counted their own drawers at the end of the shift.

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