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I've been shopping a lot at Dollar General but I have never been in the store that is so messy and cant get down the isles than this in Duncan Oklahoma. It like they don't care about how the store look like and customer service sucks.

They even tell the customer they can open the boxes their selves. That's what get me .I have worked for Walmart for 14 years and I know how a store suppose to look but this one is so unorganized and I really make me ashamed that you would let it come to this I've try to get a manger job there . I have been in retail for 14 yrs.

and I know how to be a good manger and to have people work underneath me. You are welcome to contact me any time at 580-255-8205 thank you very much Kim

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1246762

Well, where do I begin?

For starters, DG stores are no strangers to this kind of atmosphere. This kind of thing is typical.

You will find many DG stores across the country run in this manner.

Allow me to bring you to the "DG Logic" way of thinking:

1. Each DG store gets 120-180 hours of payroll per week.

- It might seem like a lot, but it quickly adds up when you consider the SM is expected to commit to nearly 50 of those hours him/herself. Then you have your two full-time keyholders that occupy the next 60-80 hours. So, after you satisfy your two full-timers, a good 110-130 hours are already occupied.

That leaves 20-50 hours for the rest of your part-timers. Most stores have a part-time keyholder and 3-4 sales associates in addition to the full-timers. Divide an optimum 50 hours by 5 additional bodies... DING, ten hours each (in the perfect situation).


People will not typically be scheduled concurrently. -It is not unusual for the SM (or opening keyholder) to be by themselves until 10 AM, 11 AM or even 12 PM! Guess what time vendors like to come in? Anyone!!??

That's right! Early morning! The vendor has a tight schedule to adhere to. The manager doesn't come to check him in, he leaves and refuses to deliver your order because you're too busy "ringing up that lovely customer!" -Then YOU the lovely customer get pissssed the next time you come in because the last DSD order "didn't come in" as you'll surely gripe to corporate about.

(FOOL!) 3. DG is not Wal-mart. They don't believe in loss prevention at anything lower than the regional level. Cry and whine all you want.

People have been going back and forth on this for years... it's not going to happen! 4. The stores "get messy" for three reasons: a.

The low-life "customers" that shop there don't take any consideration for the store. They throw sheet wherever, let their heck-spawn demon children run amock and tear, tear, FRAKKIN TEAR wherever they go. That sheet takes time for the "personnel" to clean up. When you are only one person; expected to also run a register, it's not easy to keep up with.

"I don't want this;" can I leave this up here with you?" ... Happens MUCH more than you think! Just NO! Never, ever go there!!

Just don't! Then you have the dumdums that can't figure out their money. "Have to take that off," they say. ...

for manager to come from back of the store because company too paranoid to let sales associate do it himself.> Now dumdum has also interrupted manager from him/her duty on the floor. Trust me, if it only happened once in awhile, it wouldn't be so bad... but it happens nearly 20 times a shift! 3.

There is no "truck team." - 1-2 strong people put out the truck at a break-neck speed. Usually, they have one evening and two morning shifts with two people working (and one of them at the register) doing this for most of the shift. 4. SM has to pick up the slack when sheet doesn't get done on time.

- They are salaried. Do you really think they want to commit 60-80 hours of their own time to make their store work? No, they DON'T. Stores turn into train wrecks because the SM can't or won't sacrifice their personal health for the greedy people they work for.

- Other employees interview well, but then turn lazy very quickly... or the SM never has the time to properly train people at their job. So, many people absorb their training through time. It typically takes one year for the employees to "get it all down." Reality check: the average lifespan of people that work at DG is about three months...

thus you get the picture. So, it's hit or miss. People either care about the store or they don't. If they don't...

it sadly looks like the store you were in. If they do, then it looks nicer. In essence, if the DG store you go to looks nice... it's likely because you're not in the inner city with a bunch a frakkin methies, crack-heads and uneducated colorful individuals (if you know what I mean) hanging about.

It also means you have an SM that works 60-70 hours a week; because they are actually doing their job, but are only getting paid for 40 hours... so, yeah.

So, if you walk into a nice DG, BRING THEM COFFEE AND DONUTS as a sign of your appreciation for them, because the company sure as sheet doesn't. Peace.

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