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I went to the Dollar General store at Sullivant and Belvidere in Columbus, OH and , as usual, there was a line stretched all the way into the aisles, with as many as fifteen customers waiting in this so-called 'convenience' store. The very first day I went in there a year ago the clerk was rude.

Even though there was no line he was busy mopping the floor instead of taking care of customers, and told me he'll " help me when he's done!" This wasn't the worst. There has been a pattern of them having 10-15 people in line and their still not opening another register even though they have other personnel on duty. Today, as I mentioned, they had the usual ridiculously long line, because one customer has having a problem with the card reader and the clerk on duty didn't know how to deal with it, yet they still refused to open another register despite my repeated suggestions. Then when another customer started an altercation with me over it, I was told by an employee to leave and never come back, at which point one of their employees assaulted me.

I didn't get his name because he seemed to come out of nowhere and it happened too fast. There was also a threat made by another employee that she would call the police if I didn't just leave. This is no way to treat a customer! None of the people working at this store should have jobs dealing with the public.

Incompetence is one thing.

Incompetence plus an iron hand is inexcusable!

sounder9393 wrote the review because of poor customer service at Dollar General Corporation. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Dollar General Corporation to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service and staff and assaulted by an employee. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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First it's none of your business and you shouldn't tell someone to open another register. The customer who told you off was right in that respect.

If you don't like the way a store is run - you can complain, but your real weapon is to never go back.

Sounds like you should have taken their advice.

to 23502 #1389012

Threatening a customer physically is NEVER in the right! Who are you anyway?

The neanderthal employee who almost attacked me? You sound like the same kind of mouth breather. BTW, when I talked to corporate on the phone, the regional manager said COMPANY policy was to open another register anytime there are more than three people in line. This *** hole never has less than that.

Anyway, the regional manager said he was going to go there and look at the video of the assault, so hopefully this neanderthal ( or possibly you?) got fired. And I haven't gone back. The place is only a block from my house and I haven't seen him around lately though.

If I weren't a half paralyzed stroke survivor the last three years I would have just turned around and kicked his (your?) ***! There is no excuse for this kind of low life behavior among supposed customer service people and I don't know how anyone can take up for that kind of thuggery!

Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1246751

You have to understand that they deal with a bunch of methies and crack-heads constantly... They only have 1-2 people in the store working at any time because the company is too cheap to pay people.

They fear for their personal security there. In that cutthroat business, one has to develop a thick skin.

I realize that this creates problems. it also creates a bias on the employee's side; which is unfair to legitimate consumers. But you HAVE to understand that DG employees constantly undergo abuse, ridicule and receive a pathetic paycheck for putting their personal security in jeopardy.

The thing that *** me off the most about posts like this is how un-researched people are!

(And I don't even work there!!) People are ***, okay?! Not to say that you are one of them... but DG employees have to deal with and are used to the brunt of idiots in their communities around their stores. It's not about "staying professional" or "serving the customer".

It's about surviving the day without getting shanked, robbed or *** over by some *** *** that doesn't understand how a minimalist staffing model works.

Ooooh... Then dumbasses call corporate about it... Because THOSE people totally know what's going on in their own stores!

The employees are rude BECAUSE YOU WERE THE ONE EITHER BEING ***, WASTING THEIR INVALUABLE TIME ON SOMETHING DUMB OR JUST RUDE YOURSELF TO BEGIN WITH. I could give two *** less about how you think a "customer" should be treated. Respect your merchant. They will respect you back.

*** with them, they *** with you. Get it? It's a dog-eat-dog world. Stop being dumb.

Learn manners before going out into public. It's not about you. It's about EVERYONE. They serve other people besides you.

They have to get *** done with only 1-2 people there. It's hard. When you waste their time, it sets them behind further; worsening their already grim attitude.

Again, stop being an ***! Peace.

to Anonymous #1368286

A minimalist staffing model is not customer service. Period.

That alone is a reason not to go back to a place. And even if I did say something ***, which I did not, that is no reason for an employee to punch somebody, especially somebody handicapped. If it had happened before I had my stroke and still had full movement I would have just kicked this thug wannabe's ***. And yes, I did call corporate.

Their stated policy is open another register once there are more than three people in line. They said they would have a representative there to "review the video", though I have no idea whether anything.

I also filed a police report and nothing was done. And by perpetuating this *** and sticking up for thugs, you are the ***!

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