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I am longtime customer of the Dollar General location at Buford GA. I am writing to inform any upper management of the continued and absolutely unacceptable management of this store by an incompetent, racist, and downright incapable 'manager' of the current business. The manager of this particular store, David Kay, is notorious of residents of this town as being one of the rudest, most unproductive, and downright mentally unstable individuals managers of any business in the Buford area. If you look at the Buford GA, location's employment logs, you will see that NO ONE, without exception has been able to work efficiently OR on a longterm basis due to the absolute incompetence and purposeful neglect, harassment and incompetence of this particular individual. He continually degrades other employees, reprimands staff and has an absolute disrespect and disregard for the professional operational standards of the business. He is known, specifically, for engaging customers with bizarre and sometimes inflammatory and outrageous political and socio-cultural debates, such as the assassination of JFK, how the US moon landing was faked, conspiracy theories and is notoriously known as a bigot and sexist, especially towards customers who he feels are "drug addicts", even going to lengths to accuse customers of shop lifting and other outrageous claims, all without any basis in reality. Many longtime customers who have frequented this store for years have simply stopped using this location for their needs simply because of the antics of this one individual psychopath masquerading as a 'manager'. As a longtime customer, I have finally seen enough harassment with my own as to write in to bring the appropriate attention needed to REMOVE this individual. If this person is replaced by a competent, real manager, you will see that such claims have an absolute basis in FACT, and are in no way a personal attack on this individual in any way. This is being brought to the attention of corporate so that this person's absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional behavior can be backtraced, witnessed and confirmed. This person has, by his own actions, made shopping at the Buford GA Dollar General location almost an impossible venture. We, the concerned citizens of this town, demand an investigation into the claims provided, knowing full well that everything said here is true, and written for the better operational intention of the store, so that it can adhere to Dollar General's well-known commitment to excellence in customer care, all of which this individual is the absolute opposite of.

Once again, the employee is David Kay, who is the current manager. A caucasian individual in his 50s who is notorious in this town for being, and I quote "completely insane".

If Dollar General wants to know why the productivity of the Buford GA store is so low, and why NO employee stays hired for more than a few months, you have been given your answer. Look into this situation and fix it accordingly. Do not let this type of behavior continue without the proper action being taken. I assure that this letter was written with the absolute best intentions of Dollar General at hand, and is no way a personal attack on the individual directly, but simply a truthful answer given by a longtime native and shopper in this town. LOOK INTO IT, and you will thank us all later.


A Concerned Consumer

Reason of review: Terrible manager, destroying Buford GA location in every way.

Preferred solution: Firing of the current manager, investigation of misconduct and claims.

I didn't like: Manager is completely unqualified.

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Dude this is what companies like a incompetint person duhhhhhhhhhh it's everywhere and won't change


This post and all the replies are basically from the same person who wrote it. This person must be suffering from psychological delusions and is a pathological liar.

It is pretty obvious if you look at the similar remarks and the way they were written.

He/she is having multiple conversations between made up people and acting like actual people that he has been acquainted with. I hope this person can get the mental help he/she needs and the correct medications.

to Anonymous #1084487

Actually, the administrator checks all IP addresses to make sure of the validity of such claims, and this is clearly not this same individual, as the IP addresses and physical locations do not match, in any way.

Please do not assert such claims without proof. If anything, I believe you are the person who is being accused if the above mentioned despicable activities.

Would you like me to post your personal information here for all to see?

to Anonymous #1084488

Wrong. We check to the actual IP and physical addresses to guard against such misuse, and this is not coming up as the same individual, and not even the same state.

Making such accusations against the original poster is unwarranted and not supported with raw data.

You are the kind of people who discourage the abused and mistreated from speaking out. Shame.


Whoever wrote the above post is a genius. You exposed every aspect this man has been trying to hide about his happy-go-lucky life for years.

And I could lose my job for saying this so I will remain anonymous, but I fill this man's medications at a very, very local Buford area hometown pharmacy and lets just say he has a serious problem with pain medication and "anxiety". That is all.

-Doctor Commonsense, PhD

Suwanee, Georgia, United States #1080860

The manager of this store is notorious even where I live, which is on the other side of Budord--the location of he store he manages. He followed me home before in his black truck and parked outside my house in a subdivision demanding to know if I was the one stealing all the bottles of Nyquil and that it will not happen on his watch.

I was so out of my mind in shock that I seriously dialed 911 and said I have a crazy person here threatening me over Nyquil.

You cannot make this *** up. Someone needs to deal with this crackpot.

to Zeal #1080865

You will not believe how strange this is to me, because the handle you just posted under is actually identical to the same one I have used online since 1995. Do you know me or something?

Seriously. Just curious, but the name suddenly caught my attention and amazed me.

Cannot be a coincidence.

Also, if your truck story is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn't, this you did the right thing lol. And yes, he actually does drive somekind of huge black dodge truck, I believe.

Is that you, Casey or Greg?

--B (Aka, Zeal, too lol!) Sorry, just kinda weirddddd.


I don't know who you are, Anon, but you have hit the nail on the head. I have been a resident of Buford for over 23 years and everything you are saying about this man is absolutely the truth.

My 16 year old grandson was asked to leave the store and never return by this individual because of "him and his gang loitering outside the building and dealing drugs."

Well guess what?

My grandson suffers from cerebral palsy and is IN A WHEELCHAIR!!!

I filled a suit and received a letter from Dollar General's upper management offering to "solve this unfortunate mistake" by sending me COUPONS! COUPONS FOR MY 'UNFORTUNATE LACK OF COMMUNICATION."

And yes, I am the African American woman that hit this son of a *** in the face and I'm proud of it.




Are you sure a UFO didn't drop you off, on Earth? When did he fire you?

I honestly think most of your rant is completely made up, because you want to cause trouble. For somebody that thinks they are so intelligent, you don't even know you are on a general complaint site, instead of the Dollar General website.

to Anonymous #1080862

Well, well, look who we have here. Sound a lot like you, Mr.

David, sir. The only UFO I was dropped off by was obviously the one you arrived on. I am aware what website I am on, sir, and that's because this is also forwarded to corporate and posted here for others to see.

You honestly need to seek professional help. Do not attempt to speak with me unless we are in a legal setting.

-B (You know who I am )

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