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on 05/17/15 at 9:05 am ( store opens at 9:00am) I went to the local Dollar General. This is maybe my 3rd time there, But I decided to use Dollar General IN House coupons AS well as manufacture coupons.

I had maybe 10 items. When I went to check out about 9:15 am ( mind you I was the ONLY customer in the store) I was met with a VERY UNFRIENDLY cashier . 1st off I was told to separate all my items & put coupons on top of what item the coupon was for. 2nd i was then told I couldn't use manufacture coupon & in house coupons together that I had to choose which one or the other, I did try to explain this was called stacking coupons & was acceptable in all stores.

I have never had an issue using a in store coupon with a manufacturing coupon ever. The cashier was rude & more or less told me that the way it was either take it or leave it.

I ended up putting somethings back due to the fact I certainly wasn't going to argue over this. I did try to go online today to Dollar general site to see if I could email someone & get some answers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Store clerk.

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I currently work as a sales associate for Dollar General and have had a few customers trying to use more than one coupon on an item. It's not that we refuse to take them, it's just that the register system refuses to process more than one coupon per item, which is beyond the control of store employees.


As a former store manager, it was acceptable to do this. There used to be a refunds policy posted on the sign on the closed register (if they even use it). This, of course, may be obsolete now.


I've never heard of a store allowing multiple coupons to be used for one item. In fact, most coupons specifically say on them something along the lines of "not valid with any other offer". Just because you made up a name for it does not make it a legitimate method.


I used to try to use in house coupons and manufacturers coupons on the same item and was never allowed to do so because of store policy. That being said I was adult enough to not argue about it.

This was back in the 70s-80s. From what I have been hearing some stores now, are starting to crack down on couponers, putting a limit on how many coupons they will take at one time. Myself, I think your situation is funny, but you could at least have been mature enough to not argue about it. Why would you have to put some items back, because you couldn't use two coupons on an item, Use one coupon per item, and you still would have got some discount.

It's time for you couponers to grow up.

I would be willing to bet some of the items you were going to purchase weren't even things you needed or wanted. Talk about "resell."

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