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The store manager in Kirkland, Il., A small town where everyone knows everyone, should be released from her position. I shop there almost everyday and she is so unprofessional to the customers.

I have been there on many instances when she is truly rude to customers and vendors and her employees. It's no wonder that a store only open one year, have had close to a dozen employees come and go. This should raise a red flag with the DM, GM and corporate office. She is not a people person.

I only go in there now when I know she is not there. I feel sorry for the crew that has to work with her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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09258 is the store number and here is my complaint .I live in an area that dollar general and piggly wiggly is where we shop all the time I'm sorry but the management is driving that store in the groune shelfs empty all the isle I don't think y

the med isle has been filled in 6 months the manager and cashiers never monitor the front of the store at time I have waited 5 min on a cashier while she was in the back not meaning in the back of the store but in the back manager never opens a register no mater how long you wait . but the biggest thing is that you cant shop the store because they have shoping carts at all times setting in the isles with markdown merchandise I told the cashier it was a matter of time befor someone fell got hurt and had a law suit against them I have to drive into Kinston to shop dollar general and I drive to east Kinston in the hood the store there in the hood is clean people in there very willing to help cashier stays where she should be says hello to all who enters shelfs allways stocked yet I have never seen anyone stock one thing at the store I refered to befor it is a dam shame ,,, if the shrinkage rate is high in #09258 it is the people running it please fix this problem I'm not driving 15 miles to shop dollar general I would rather pay more for product than in time and gas I feel that the area manager is not doing his job it has been this way for a long time in sorry to complaine but my neighbors also feel this way I sugest that you implement a no cell policy to staff on phones the management being who I'm talking about friends and family will wait till they get home

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