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Melissa Holland, manager at my local Eminence Mo store is rude and totally unprofessional to me every time I enter the store; I have decided to not return. I have dealt with her rudeness for several months now; I shop there at least 3 to 4 times per week.

I've had many people also mention they have witnessed her rudeness to customers as well as very unprofessional to employees in the presence of customers. I now know why the employee turn over is so high at this location. This store is a blessing to our community; and the manager should be more professional and courteous to the customers, whether or not she likes them. That is, after all, her position with your company.

I am a Christian woman; I was just in there looking for canning supplies, scratched my waistline and she accused me of shoplifting...RIDICLOUS !! That is how rude she is!!

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thanks for showing the world what Christianity is (sarcasism). I'm sure that's just what Jesus would do-kill them with mean words so that people can read them.

I urge you not to proclaim the identity of a Christian without following God ways.

Anger and sin not.....your words say just what is in your heart:( doesn't sound like Jesus lives in there. You need to check yourself first before talking about others.


I have to agree with your comment. The sad thing is, you can complain all you want and nothing will be done.

She is a professional at manipulating the system and making others feel sorry for her. One trait she definitely lacks is professionalism and kindness. She calls herself a Christian women but, she sure does not live the Christian life. She is a disgrace to her church and the corporation.

One day the corporation will wake up and see they have made a huge mistake. Hopefully they don't go broke from her stealing them blind before they find out.

Eminence, Missouri, United States #871591

I was in your store yesterday and your manager Melissa and her new assistant Jennifer wouldn't even say hello and was very rude. Your store is going down hill every day.

All you have is young and hateful workers. They are either outside smoking or on their cell phones. You have to stand in line for over 20

minutes. The store is dirty and carts everywhere, you cant even walk through the isles.

We live in a smal

town and it looks like you would get someone that is responsible and not so hateful. If somethings not done with your manager, alot of people are going to start taking their business somewhere else.

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