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Prattville,AL Dollar General.

I'm standing in line there's about 4 people in front of me, and i'm waiting in line and i can already hear this lady's tone of voice, sounded like she hated her life, didn't smile once the whole time i was there. She was rude to the people in front of me as well.

But, when i got to the counter i kinda had a lot of things in my hand, about 5 or 6 things, and i set them down on the counter and go to grab a drink out of the cooler, well she wraps her arms around my items and jerks them across the counter as if i didn't push them far up enough or something, and beings to ring up my stuff, the whole time i'm just sitting there like.... was that really necessary...???

like i was nice and had a smile when i walked up to the counter, she didn't say not one word to me. But greeted the customer behind me as i was grabbing my bags (which she did not bag properly at all.) Usually come to this Dollar General on highway 31 a lot because its close, but after this horrible customer service experience i'm beginning to reconsider....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor cunsomer relations.

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Some people are entirely too sensitive. Sounds like you went in with a bad attitude to begin with and we're looking for things to be wrong.

You must be really lonely if you need to go to the dollar store to be smiled at and get so upset when it doesn't happen. And she moved your stuff closer to her with her arm?

How awful of her. She should have used her psychic brain powers to scan your stuff so she wouldn't have had to touch it.

to Anonymous #1006541

lol Right.

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