Crossett, Arkansas
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I live in a small town in arkansas. Crossett, to be exact.

In our small town we have one Dollar General. I love to shop in this store and shop there often. NOT ANY MORE. I am so tired of the rudeness of one of the employees.

Her name is Staci. She never greets me when I come in. When she checks me out, she never smiles. The times I have tried to converse with her, she just acts as if it really bothers her to talk to me.

I try so hard to be friendly to everyone I meet. I could excuse this if it was just a couple of times but this is every time I go in there. I don't know if it's because I'm white, fat or she just doesn't like the way I look. I don't know what her problem is.

I've witnessed her being friendly to other customers, so I guess she just doesn't like me. I don't know her and I've never done anything to her. Today is my last time to set foot in this store. NO MORE.

I will always take my business elsewhere. I'm very disappointed.

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I don't like you because you are very fat and emit a terrible odor like cattle or swine.

However, do not take it personally. I hate all fat people.

to Staci Jacksonville, Florida, United States #589344

This is exactly the same way it is in New Haven, WV the store manager Joe she is so rude and nasty the majority of decent people have stopped going to DG because of her rudeness, the store is always a mess and she is sleeping with some husbands of wives in the town.

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