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We have Family Dollar, Dollar General and Ingles. I did 75% of my shopping at Dollar General and couple times or more every week. I walked into the store and was immediately told I was to leave the store but no one told me why. So I tried this at least 5 or 6 times over the course of two years and no one has said anything other than you have to leave this store and we are not going to sale to you and they always made sure to raise their voices, talk down to me and humiliate me over and over, it is like a very long broken record. So yesterday 4/1/15 I needed a memory card so I walked in and stood in line as it was my turn at the register this girl comes out from the very back and ask if im monica beth Jenkins, I reply yes I am and she said leave the store or I have been told to call the law so I demanded that she do just that. They have embarrassed me for the last time. If family dollar does not have what I need I have to drive 30 min to another town. My moms awaiting a kidney transplant from myself and is very upset the way ive been treated. The employees are Ellen Woods, April Shuler and Jeanette Nichols, none of these people has an answer to my two year question. I am 39 years old, I am not some child they can treat anyway they want. I am going to fight this to the very end. Me and my mother are having to relocate because of the way dollar General employees treat and harass me and my mother has lived in the same place for almost thirty years if that tells you anything at all about my situation. I hope this situation is handled appropriately. I have contacted our long time family attorney. Thank you for your time. Listed below is my contact information:

Monica B. Jenkins

671 Lower Tuskeegee

Robbinsville, NC 28771



Reason of review: two years of wrongful acts.

I liked: Convenient location, Some prices, Items carried.

I didn't like: Management, Service, Manager.

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Dollar General banned me and my son.because they think i stolen deli catfood. which they never sell in the i how can i steal it

Denver, North Carolina, United States #1213057

Dollar General at Candler (I-40 Exit 37) has forced me out of their store by intimidation. No idea why.

Never stole. Not a GD ***.

I want revenge but don't know where to start but I'm working on it. The *** who responded and said you knew why you were forced out is probably a f---*** who likely has never been in a Dollar General.


Believe me, when a store bans a customer from the store, they have a good reason and it isn't the employees themselves that have made the decision to do so. Usually it is a store decision or even a corporate decision that there are certain behaviors that can cause a customer to be banned from the location.

I also bet you know the reason you were banned, but are just being stubborn. The store did not say they weren't going to "sale" to you. I bet they said "sell." Your mother's health has absolutely nothing to do with your complaint. You bring that up in the hopes that you will get preferential treatment because of it.

IF your mother is upset about your treatment, you should never have let her know about it, that was very inconsiderate of you to do so. You KNEW when you went into the store to by your *** memory card, what would happen, so EXACTLY why did you go to that store, other than to make trouble? You can't tell me that the stores you mentioned are the only stores near you to shop in. GROW UP!

The only harassment you and your mother receive is when you do something *** like going into a store that you know perfectly good and well that you have been banned from and you also know the reason why you have been banned. IF the two of you decide to relocate that is your choice nobody is forcing you to and I don't understand why you would have to. You sound more like a spoiled brat than the 39 that you say you are. I also don't understand why a person would shop in any type of dollar store even once a week.

In fact going shopping anyplace more than once a week wastes time and money. Get organized and you wouldn't have to shop so often. You aren't even on the web site for Dollar General. This is a general complaint site.

If you go to their web site to complain, you might want to improve some of your spelling, capitalization, make shorter sentences, and improve your grammar. What did your long time family attorney say about your complaint? Also I would think you might think twice about taking this to court, because if you do that the reason that you have been banned from the store will get out and then you will be more embarrassed than you are now. Also I hope you get a lot of nasty mail and phone calls because of posting all of your information on a public web site.

Doing that alone, proves you aren't real intelligent.

to anonymous #1188352

***ch you crazy *ss *** they can't ban anybody they dnt own the store.. They probably steal from the store there self you would be surprised what the employees do y'all power trips to hard grow up & do your job its not about feelings maybe you should try sucking some d*ck or is that banned to

to anonymous #1421297

Boy, you must have the most pathetic boring life that one could I will pray for need a man honey some *** or a lil something something

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