Good Morning. I do not know whom I need to contact regarding the Swartz , Louisiana Store location.

But something has to be done about the nastiness and quality of the employees.

I have attached 2 photos that include mounds of cigarettes piled up in the parking lot from the employees. There are over 5 of these in the parking lot and on the concrete walking in the door. The store on the inside is always FILTHY with boxes everywhere and floors that have not been mopped or swept in weeks.

Things fall of the shelving units by them self or when you walk by them. Now on to the employees. There is a older Lady (mid 50+) who is never polite to any customers . She has slapped my child’s hand for touching a small toy on the registers .

I have seen a gentleman ask for assistance locating a item and she told him “ I don’t have time to help you , go look for it yourself or go somewhere else” This is not how my employees would treat my PAYING customers. There have been numerous people post comments on their facebook page regarding this woman and how rude she is. The manager of this store is no better. She will be sitting on the toolbox of her truck smoking and reading a book while no one is at the counter to ring up sales.

Only two when you go outside to ask if she will come help and in return she will tell you go find another employee. This is not acceptable.

and something needs to be done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Naples, Florida, United States #624834

Teach your child to not touch things that do not belong to him.

to LadyScot Naples, Florida, United States #624836

I also want to know where you work. I want to come and wait for you to go on break or lunch, then I am going to harass you and demand you get off your *** and come help me.

Seriously, the next time you get high and mighty with a lowly retail worker, ask yourself if this is the person who may go nuts on you and follow you home and murder you in your sleep. There are some crazy people in the world and your attitude may just help you meet one up close and personal.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #624743

When did you become the store/parking lot police. If you don't like the cigarette butts clean them up yourself.

Granted most stores do have somebody that cleans their parking lots, however, what do you expect from a dollar store? I'm sure all of the butts aren't from employees. Just because the floor looks filthy, doesn't mean it hasn't been swept recently. As far as boxes in the aisle, that can happen in any store, other than maybe the higher priced stores.

As far as the employee that slapped your kid's hand, I would be willing to bet it was a tap, and if you had been watching him/her better it wouldn't have happened. Parents have to discipline their kids. If that actually happened why didn't you call the police and have her charged with assault. Did it ever occur to you that when the manager is outside smoking and reading, that she is on break?

You have one heck of a lot of nerve to go out and ask her to come in an help, no matter if she is on break or not. Oh yes!

IF you actually have paying customers, why don't you shop in your own store, and use your discount? You sound like a chronic, whiny complainer.

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