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There was 7 carts waiting to check out and the one checker was doing her best. You have two counters--but use ONE. I wasn't the

only one upset about waiting and waiting. This was at the Independence, Iowa store at 4:30 PM -- April 21, 2014. ppp iii sss eee ddd. Why do you have to counters if you aren't going to use

them? Just to play "ring around the rosy?" Just to confuse the

customers where to go to get checked out. I'm about to take my

business to Wal Mart where I can get checked out and I can get

through the isles without knocking over 1/2 of the store.

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London, England, United Kingdom #807653

I thought Walmart was the one with the reputation for long waits? Isn't it safe to say that part of a shopping experience generally includes waiting one's turn to checkout?!

to Reese Palos Hills, Illinois, United States #807655

Absolutely! Well said.

New York, New York, United States #807649

Poor baby. You had to wait.

You're not that special.

Perhaps you should take your business to Walmart. You sound like you're the type who belongs there.


The more employees they have, the more the prices will go up.

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