Jackson, South Carolina

4-1-2014 April Fool on me today. Went inside Jackson's Dollar General & just as I reached the fabric softener, their employee told me I needed to leave the store. Why? Because I wasn't wearing shoes.

I don't like wearing shoes & DG isn't a dining establishment.

No problem. I'll leave forever.

Now my clothes won't be soft and I had shoes in the car.

Wished I'd told her to wash her hair.

DG......please post a sign on the door what we have to wear just to spend our money in your store. There is no dress code posted. I took photos of the entrance.

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Same happened to me today, went to DG in Prattville and did not realize my grands did not have their shoes on until we got out at store. We went in and a very nice worker approached me and said that the children would need to be put in the buggy but I was welcome to continue shopping.

Thank you Andrea for being so nice about it. There really should be a sign posted on the door if that is their policy, which I certainly understand is a safety concern.


Just because it isn't a restaraunt dosen't mean you are allowed to go without shoes. It's common at any establishment that you must wear a shirt and shoes


They are just protecting themselves. If you cut your foot, you'd be screaming for a lawsuit. What on earth is wrong with you?

Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States #1175967

What do you care?? ...Not your foot not your problem


Who woukd think it's appropriate to go in a public place without shoes? As a shop owner, I would ask you to leave also.

Common sense would tell you that a sign isn't needed.

Shoes should be worn in public. Also it's illegal to drive without shoes in most states.

to Anonymous Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States #1175964

Common sense huh? You do realize that it's healthier for you to go without shoes than to wear them...right? License Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic pain management for over 10 years

to Candidactuality34 Hiawatha, Kansas, United States #1335230

Step in a piece of glass and metal, Prolly would get sued for that right.

to Candidactuality34 #1338338

Healthy, step in a piece if glass or metal and you will Prolly be sueing also. No shirt no shoes no service,,,,

to Anonymous Bellevue, Washington, United States #1183437

No it's not

to Anonymous #1519034

Only state that's illegal in is Alabama.... do some research


My child was told twice he needed a shirt at east bank dollar general. Time I got to the register she left and the other girl checked me out.

The fatso needed to lose weight too. Name was Amy

to Anonymous #1030949

That fatso can lose weight. But you will always be ignorant!

to Anonymous #1175014

Be nice, at least she's working you probably don't have a job

Walnut, California, United States #966397


The nice nike shoes here, go and see it.

Walnut, California, United States #966395

You are supposed to have enough common sense to wear shoes in a store. You are the one violating health code, don't blame the store.


This store I work at. We are always having glass bottles and the like busted on the floor.

I got glass for you to walk on. Wanna come?

Do you realize how painful a sliver of glass can be, and how difficult it is to remove from your feet? All that blood, my friend!

to indigo1898 #1358609

No dollar store shouldnt have anything that'll cut your feet in the floor anyways. And even if they did it's Connor sense to watch where you're stepping

First Born Triplet

They don't have a sign saying you need to wear pants, yet you should know this.

to First Born Triplet #896023

Don't be quick to judge, I did not know about this sign and went pantless. I mean come on I was in my underwear, it is not like I was displaying my winkie.


It says it on the door where I work so I have to tell people to leave for no shirt or shoes. It is what it is if you don't like the policy start your own business and make your own rules point blank

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