why are you putting so much cinnamon smell in the stores. I was ill for several hours after intering the store in ormond beach florida i have many friends that can not tollerate that much.

it looks like you would want more customers not less this time of the year.

a little goes a long way too much runs the customers away I worked for dollar general store in kentucky for ten years and never once did the corporate office make us put cinnamon bombs out. well thats what it smelled like when i spoke to a casheer she just shruged it off bj

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Georgetown, Texas, United States #1350928

There is a strong smell in your stores that make clothing and food smell and the food smells even if inside a box or wrapper. I ate 2 crackers and they tasted like that smell and they burned my lips and made me noxious.

I have asthma and I put my new shorts outside to rid the smell but it didn't work. Then I washed them with vinegar and after drying they still had the smell.

I think this is very dangerous. What is this chemical smell?

to Anonymous #1518342

They burn incense on top of the isles throughout the store


Probably to cover up their actual smell. Dollar Generals here have a weird plastic-y, detergent-y smell that permeates everything in them.

The breads and crackers taste like it.

For future reference, don't expect a cashier, or even a manager for that matter, to do anything besides ring things up and make smalltalk. Store policies pretty much forbid them from actually providing customer service.

to DGShopper Hollywood, Florida, United States #1222019

How do you know what the store policy is?

Lawtey, Florida, United States #760550

Yes the scent. I complained around Dec 4 and the manager shrugged it off.

Unreal I don't know if it's cinnamon or what but I think it comes from the bags and boxes from Clover Valley products. I bought a loaf of bread ( well twice I did before I complained ) that tasted like the scent. It hits you right when you walk in I don't see how you can't smell it I don't care how long you worked there. My store is in Lawtey, Florida so maybe they use the same supplier for goods that stink.

I have been back and is not as strong but it's there. No I can't buy bread or anything like that there thinking it will taste like the smell.

I complained to GD maybe they are doing something about it. I'm glad someone else complained so I'm not nuts LOL

Chicago, Illinois, United States #703250

I live one block from a Dollar General and would love to shop there but they use some kind of smelly air freshener that I can't tolerate. It makes me cough and sneeze and wheeze.

I noticed that all of the employees are in a bad mood and have sinus problems. We live in a poison world folks.

All those room deodorizer things have around 250 toxic chemicals in them. In the ingredients it's called fragrance but the fragrance contains about 250 poisonous chemicals that all add up to what some people (especially poisoned people) call a pleasing smell.


How do you say you worked at a Dollar General but you didn't know what the cinnamon smell was???

Its those *** decor brooms they send us during the christmas season. DUHHHHHHHH.

Altho the smell is irritating,lets not be ignorant.


I used to work for the company. it's the cinnamon brooms that smell ar christmas time.

the stores are small so it gets strong. the employees dont like the smell either, but unfortunately it isn't our decision about what our company sells and doesn't sell.

the cashier shrugged because it was probably the 20th time that hour that someone complained to her about it. we put ours out on the sidewalk sale, we got so sick of hearing about it, but then they get wet or lose their smell, and no one wants to buy them.


Common sense tells you that if you can't stand the scent then don't f**ling shop there you incompetent ***. A store will not and should not cater to one customer.

Also learn proper f**king English you incompetent ***. It is spelled "entering" NOT "intering", "cashier" NOT "casheer" and "shrugged" not shruged".

to cohena2 #859959

Wow, that is one *** of a way to respond to a sincere question.

Looks like that is a problem in more than one store, going by the other comments.

Dollar General is still in business because its unique pluses outweigh its horrible service and environment, but just barely. They are small and easy to navigate, product quality and selection are generally acceptable, prices are generally good, they are in neighborhoods that don't have access to other discount stores, etc.

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