I am sorry if you have ever had a bad experience at Dollar General. Please, keep in mind that I am an hourly employee, working as hard as I can every day to pay the bills. I am not with corporate, and there are some things that DG does that I do not agree with, but I know the reasons why they do what they do and feel the need to clear up a few of the most common and easily resolved issues that keep popping up over and over again. Please, bare with me.

1. ID FOR ALCOHOL/TOBACCO: Penalties for failing to ID before an alcohol/tobacco purchase vary from state to state, but range from a $5,000 fine to jail time for any individual caught selling to anyone under age. As a result and precaution, Dollar General has adopted a zero tolerance policy. If Loss Prevention audits our security footage and sees an employee selling without checking ID, that employee is terminated without warning or write-up. I have personally had to fill in at stores that lost their entire staff all at once for failure to ID.

2. PAPER COUPONS: We can only accept coupons that have a barcode we can scan or a promo code we can enter. The coupons that come pre-attached to products are shipped in very limited quantities and not in our control. If you cannot find an item with a coupon attached to it, despite an ad saying our store should have them, there is nothing we can do about it.

3. DIGITAL COUPONS: In order for the digital coupons to work, you must activate the coupons individually online before going to the store. You must enter your phone number into the debit machine before the cashier hits the total button. If they have already hit the total button, they must hit the clear button on the register a few times, let you enter your number, then hit the total button. Because we never received any real training regarding digital coupons, inexperienced cashiers won't know how to handle them. And pulling up the coupons on your phone doesn't do any good. We have to be able to scan a barcode or enter a promo code. The digital coupons have neither. They only work through your phone number in the debit machine.

4. RETURNS & EXCHANGES: You have to have your receipt in order to return something. We can exchange something for other merchandise and/or store credit without a receipt, but you cannot get cash back without the receipt.

5. ITEMS LEFT AT THE STORE: We are more than happy to give you anything you accidentally left at the store after you paid for it. If you have your receipt, it is extremely easy to see exactly what you left and when you left it. All we have to do is check the cameras and verify you left it. If you don't have the receipt, but you remember when you were there, we can still check the cameras and verify. If you call us and let us know you for got your toothpaste or whatever, we can put your name on it and hold it for you to pick up later. If we cannot verify that you left anything and none of the employees remembers it, we cannot replace your items.

Now, if you have any complaints that you want corporate to take seriously, contact them directly and very polite to the CSR's. Screaming and cursing at the CSR's tends to make them put your complaints on the low priority list. People who are polite are taken far more seriously. Posting your complaints on websites like this one only tell other consumers about your experience. Dollar General does NOT check these sites. If you really want to change a problem, take the time to contact corporate. Sites like this never hit their radar. Posting comments, questions, letters, etc on these sites in an attempt to contact Dollar General is a waste of time. The only time you will get a response is when a curious employee gets the idea in their head to see what we are doing wrong so we know what to work on.

I hope this helps all of you. Please, I mean no disrespect to any of you, I am only try to help make your future experiences more positive.

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I just tried to return some curtains I purchesed. I could not locate my receipt.

The woman wouldnt give me store credit for them. The did not have any in the size I needed at that location. And when I pointed that out. She said that wasnt her problem.

I will no longer shop at any your store. I'm sorry but that was completely inappropriate of the employe to act so rudly.


I have a question will they refund or exchange my phone that I bought there for a new one or not?

to Jenn bell #1446974

No. Phones and phone cards are final sales.

No returning a phone or phone card.

Once you have bought them they are then activated. We can not resell them.


Since when is the in store policy that if you have a receipt they can only give you store credit??

to Kayla #1431305

They said WITHOUT a receipt... increase your reading comprehension.

to Kayla #1437002

If you have the reciept within 30 days you may return for a refund. No receipt is store credit.


Honey go find another job. Dollar General is not a fitting place to work. period.


I cant find my receipt and it has my pin for my phone card on it i didnt know that but i have the card with the barcode on it.how do i get a copy of my receipt or what do i do i bought a net 10 phone card i didn't kno the pin wasnt on the card and it was on the receipt

Antioch, Tennessee, United States #1263640

I had receipt for product is was returning and still had to show id to cashier which was rude and they told me they could not give my money unless i showed my id at the Fortoglethrope,Ga location.

to Anonymous #1289431

It depends on product and dollar amount. The register automatically pops up to enter ID.

to Anonymous #1372150

Same thing just happened to me... Im pissed.

I have a receipt on some items i changed my mind on.

She was so rude i went to the car got every item i purchased on that receipt and one before that and returned it... I took my money across to walmart.

to Anonymous #1384642

You were just tripp'n. It's a dollar store people steal there all the time.

Plus in retail a receipt and usually iD is required for returns. Get used to it. I'd bet you cocked an attitude and she gave you one back.

They aren't pd enough to tolerate attitude. Policy is policy.

Maureen Gafney
to Nonay #1579909


to Anonymous #1384641

No it's not rude to have to show your ID to return something. Especially at a store that is often frequented by the five finger discount class.

to Anonymous #1385452

If it was over 10.00 we have to receive ID or we can't return

to Anonymous #1431306

If it is more than $10 they are required to see your ID.

to Anonymous #1432545

The register won’t allow the cashier to complete the return tender without an ID being present for certain transactions.

to Anonymous #1446975

If it's over $10 we need ID

Enid, Oklahoma, United States #1207135

I live in moreauville,LA I use to manage several dg I also was part of a clean up crew with a Mrs Sally I don't understaND why I have not been able to exchange without receipt I understand around holidays but I know different sales but rest of year not fair to loyal customers

to Anonymous #1431309

Did you read it and are you sure you were a manager? I don't think so based on this comment...

You are allowed to exchange items without the receipt... They were saying that if you are owed money back, you cannot get cash back and can only get store credit via a DG gift card...

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