Store located at the Arlington Center Ada Oklahoma. where do I start, firstly before entering the store your faced with NUMEROUS managers and employes smoking around the front door, this is all the time, every time I go to this store without fail.

Wouldn't be so bad if they took care of customers waiting in line to check out but it seems that only one checker works at once for the most part during peak hours, I'm in this store almost everyday. This store is NASTY DIRTY! it's layout is confused forcing people to decide who was first in line to checkout, sometimes there are no checkers to be seen, waiting on someone to take my money! oh yeah their all outside smoking...

Put the receipt in the bag and quit asking me if I want my receipt, I don't think it's right for the employes to collect these for reimbursement or whatever, so blatant, the other night a worker from Dominos in uniform was on that nasty floor flatting the wrinkled receipts from the trash can in front of the checkout customers/me.

Tonight was the last straw and it's over one thin dime, while standing in line after letting a woman go ahead of me I was digging money out of my pocket for a 2 liter DP and dropped a dime, promptly the checker told the woman checking out in front of me that she dropped her money which she didn't, it would have been easier to just give the dime to her and I almost did, but the looks I got made me stand my ground, I told them it was my dime to which the checker said 'yeah sure' I'm not thin skinned but whoever owns that store need to train their employes to respect folks buying their products. It all seems trivial but I'm done with that nasty mess...

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #761123

Too much time on your hands.....get a hobby. You are right about one thing T-R-I-V-I-A-L tripe


You thought the dime was yours and she thought the dime was hers, it is a simple mistake. If you get this uptight over a dime than you are either thin skinned or need a job so that a dime does not break you.

Allen, Oklahoma, United States #757547

This is the worst Dollar General I've ever been to. Needs to be overhauled completely from the workers to the interior.

The managers must be just as bad as the other employees to allow the total lack of work ethic or pride.

Ever heard of a mop??? I'I'dd rather burn a bit more gas and brave Walmart, I may walk further but it is a waaaay more pleasant experience and is usually quicker at the checkout.


stuupiiid is as stuupiiid does, kept going back for more, dumbasszz


If you are tired of getting angry, quit it. There isn't any law that says employees can't stand by the door smoking.


I honestly believe this is how it is at every DG. I worked at the one in my home town. I didn't smoke so I felt like I was the only one working bc the rest of the crew were CONSTANTLY outside smoking.

The register was not watched the way it should be. Customers were left to wait on a regular.

There's no intercom system so if you needed help, either on an aisle or on a register, you would have to leave your post to find help.

We were never given breaks, probably bc of the constant smoking...

I haven't been in a DG yet that I was even slightly impressed with. Working in one really opened my eyes on a lot of things.

to LucyD Chicago, Illinois, United States #759962


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