The GD store in Whitehall Mich has increased their size but time and time again,,7 ,8 or more customers in line awaiting one register,,I wrote the manager months ago,,,People busy stocking shelves is great,,but leaving the customers stranded tells me the customer is not first in mind, Believe me, as you know, full shelves stay away when the customers leave empty handed

Today, I entered the doors and counted 9 people awaiting,,One register opened, I knew couple of them in line and their comments are the same you hear at any coffee groups around town,

I told one of them Im walking to D Castle, I have done this before, I was back with my product, one block away, and the guy I was talking to ?,welll , just walking out the door, and others still waiting,,,She laughed

The managers just need to know the value of the customer , not shelves and trucks as they are useless with out that register making noise. Walmart coming to town is going to kill them with this practice,I dont do walmart but I will do D Castle

You used the word pissed. That is not my nature to talk to anyone of that nature, I have been educated, Perhaps this tells me even more of the type people I am dealing with in regards to DG

Whatever,,,take a poll ,,

Another year or two, especially walmart coming to town with many registers,,,well,,,you will see.

Have a great day,,,,jim h

Monetary Loss: $1.

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