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I was walking into your Gramercy Louisiana store at three minutes to eight am. on August 18 2014 not knowing the time at the time and a worker was picking up trash in the parking lot as I walked by and I said good morning and she said it back to me and I was thinking great.

I entered the store and proceded to get some items and about two minutes someone was saying hello-hello and she peeked around the corner at me and said we are closed, we don't open for another three minutes . I said I was sorry and why she didn't say something when I passed her when I said good morning and she said I'm sorry but I had to wait until eight am. I looked at my watch and I had three minutes after eight am. but still had to leave!


And will spread the word at what happened. No wonder America is in the shape its in with business like this and people walking in as I was told to leave!

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The reason she did not tell you the store was not open yet is because she expected you to know how to read. So because you were in the wrong and she politely told you that you were in the wrong it is their fault. Someone needs to grow up and stop acting like a five year old.

Decatur, Georgia, United States #860270

You really couldn't wait 3 minutes to purchase items when they are actually open for business?" No wonder America is in the shape its in with customers like this and people walking in as he got angry and left!"

New York, New York, United States #858634

When you passed the employee, she may have thought you were going to stand in front of the store until 8am. They probably asked that you leave the store until opening time because they had to count the till.

Dollar General stores get robbed a lot.

They are not smart though, in leaving the front door unlocked. Doors should be kept locked until they are officially open for business.


I can see both sides of this, but you sound like a spoiled little kid. It isn't anything to get in a snit over.

to anonymous Laplace, Louisiana, United States #858606

To scared to give your name? You sound like a little bi#@%! AND YES I CAN SPELL!

to Joe #858632

LMAO! You submitted your complaint as anonymous!!! Were you too scared to use your name when you wrote your complaint???

to Joe #860276

Why do you want someone's name are you some kind of sicko online stalker that goes after teenaged girls? The OP is acting like a five year old, she was told nicely that the store opens at 8am and she is not boycotting the store because they would not let her in early.

This is called being self centered and thinking the world revolves around you. I doubt this "woman" will be missed. When she went into the store early I thought I would read about the employee making a sarcastic remark and telling her rudely to get out, but no the employee was polite so why throw a temper tantrum?

Maybe she is really five years old if she cannot wait three minutes to purchase her items. An adult can be more patient, but to a five year old three minutes sounds like a long time.

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