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The first time was earlier this summer. I am a senior citizen.

I have had several surgeries, I go to or rather went to Dollar general because it was convenient for me as I have instant bouts of diarrhea and need to run to the restroom at a moments notice. First they don't have people working there that speaks or understands English. Cashiers barely do. The problem was the restroom was locked, because of high theft for the area, which is not the stores fault.

Its the apartments that are across the street. I had a basket full of items and had to run to the restroom they would not unlock the door . I left over a hundred dollars in the basket and did not make it to a restroom in time. I would not go back to the store and complained to the manager so they made it that you had to ask for the key, the problem with asking you have to go back up front.

Which my body does allow time to do. Once again I had to leave the store . I will never buy another item in Dollar General Stores again. What I ought to do is file a law suit against your corporation.

Further more I have told all my family and friends not to purchase form Dollar General again. If you have a problem with thieves then purchase security. You never put a customer in an awkward position. WE are not all thieves.

I will continue to tell others of the experience I have had not once but twice.

It has cost that store several hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars for people not going to the store. Sincerely Ann Hanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Unable to use the restroom when its an emergency.

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the reason the door is locked is that there is only ONE TOILET YOU IDIOT!!! It is not like they are stalls...

if the door was left unlocked then people would be constantly walking on each other then privileged *** like yourself would complain and blame employees for that too. Buy diapers instead of blaming others for YOUR health issues.


Seems that you should be wearing adult incontinence diapers if you have that much difficulty with that particular health issue. Not fair to blame the store for your lack of planning for a situation that you are aware of.......


You know the old saying - if it happens once shame on you, if it happens twice - shame on me. Going in the second time was a shame on me moment, now wasn't it?

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