This is to the Dollar General Store in Sheffied Lake, OH 44054

I would like a lady to be recognised for her excellent help and service.

I have Parkinson's and cognitive impairment thanks to her she always help me with finding things in the store. I trust her and she has always been helpful in counting my money and has NEVER cheated me.


I would like an email after she is recognised. My emal address is

maryellenforthofer@gmail.com. And NO I do not know her out of the store. I do not always remember her name but here is the code on my receipt. 0047-2533-9103-563. Their are not that many people in stores any more,curties, honhest or helpful as she is. And my husband go to many different stores. I will be waiting for a email in return that corparte has read this. And most important she gets the message.

Thank you,

Mary Elen Forthofer

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Goodland, Kansas, United States #889166

I have reported you, this site is for customers to express their experiences, not for employees to promote their company by making lies to make them seem like a good company. It is obvious that you are this lady and that you work for this company and that Mary Elen Forthfer is not your real name.

The people working for this company are all PSYCHOPATH BABIES. I hope whatever your real name is that you get fired from Dollar General you PSYCHOPATH Baby.

to pogo #889176

This is written by the psychopath baby employee, and Mary is her real name. I bet if you went to the dollar store from Sheffied Lake you would see that they have an employee named Mary Elen Forthfer.

This person needs to be fired for posing as a customer and pretending to give good feed back.

Either way I will make sure that this person whether her name is Mary Elen Forther or someone else that she gets fired. If this is not Mary Elen Forther it is obvious that this retard Mary Elen Forther wrote this review and knows her.

to Anonymous Goodland, Kansas, United States #889178

Yeah you are correct. Mary Elen Forther is a retard, and obviously does not know how to read.

This site is called pissed consumer, not happy customer. I doubt that she was provided good service at this store or any Dollar General store because all the stores are ran by babyish psychopaths. I went into one store and this childish psychopath for no reason yelled boo in a child's face, he was an employee, and he is so annoying.

The poor child would not crying for five minutes and the man made comments about how he felt sorry for the 80 year old customers working there, and pogo is a retired vet and he should show respect.

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