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As gross as it is I was buying panty liners and Reese's and she kept telling me my card was declined so I had to leave. Then $10.30 was missing off my card.

So I checked my transactions and doller general charged me $5.15 twice. This was a plasma award that only had $35 on it. So I wasn't able to get my panty liners tonight or my chocolate. And now I guess I'll have to use paper toes for the night until I get ahold I them tomarrow!!!

>:( I HATE doller general now!! This is *** ***!!!!

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I had this happen. Swipe somebodies card, and it gets denied, and then you hear how it was charged later. I wonder what it up with the credit card companies on this anyways...

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #779570

What is a "paper toe"?


I'm so sorry to hear about your minor, little problem.

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