Been shopping at dollar general for years. I have spent thousands of dollars at my local store on nederland ave dollar general store in nederland texas.

They have become rude, unhelpful, and just plain arrogant. It is as if they are doing ME a service by allowing me to shop there! I will never spend another dollar there again. I wish I had video taped some of my shopping experiences and posted them on youtube.

Dollar general needs to employ secret shoppers to monitor its staff and management. The store is also always littered with carts and employees stocking.

The aisles are blocked continually. The last time I was there EVERY item I needed was in a "blocked" area--i should have left right then.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #753473

Listen Anonymous, I agree with you somewhat. But as a worker for Dollar General, you are making us all look bad by the way you comment.

You are rude and really need to watch how you word things on this site. If you don't have any constructive criticism, then just keep quiet. Sorry if that makes you mad. I know how it is to work there and it is often very frustrating!

But dang, I have been reviewing all of these complaints and you have commented on quite a bit of them. Why?? I understand wanting to stick up for your workplace, but please have some respect for all of us who work for the Dollar General Corporation, and quit commenting on these customer complaints.

You are only making their stories more believable for everyone else who gets on here and reads these comments. :?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #704703

In a way they are doing you a service by letting you shop there. If the store wasn't there, you wouldn't be able to shop in it and therefore you wouldn't be able to complain about it.

If the employees weren't stocking you would be complaining that they were out of something you wanted and the employees were lazy.

You might as well quit sounding like a little kid.

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