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I used to be a regular customer of Dollar General stores. I used to do two of those deals a week where you spend $25 and get $5 off, so I was dropping over $200 a month in their stos.

When I found out that they were going to begin selling cigarettes a few years back I said to mysel "That's About Right" That shows how long it has been since I be shopping in any of their stos. They pissed me off so much treating me like a criminal that I took all of my business elsewhere. I am sure that they could care less that I no longer buy anything from them, in fact I am sure that THEY ARE THRILLED THAT I NO LONGER GO INTO THEIR STOS ANY MO! I never was particularly fond of their stos anyway and they would always have a real long line with like 10 or 12 people in it and only one cashier.

So I would just leave because it wasn't worth waiting in line for. I have been treated rudely and unfairly by their employees just because I be so po that I be going into their sto with a backpack on.

I am still waiting for this company to issue a formal apology to me on the Pissed Off Consumer Website in the form of a review.They should say that they miss me and they are sorry and that they want me to please come back to their stos and shop again and that they won't follow me around the sto no mo making sho that I don't steal anything. Then, maybe I be going back to Dollar Joe again we can all just get along with one anotha.

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I think that Dollar General needs to fire all of the rude, ignorant, incompetent people that they have working there, and they need to replace them with nice, friendly, courteous and helpful employees.


I am the backpack wearing customer that wrote the above review. I remember one time my neighbor came home from Dollar General pushing a whole shopping cart full of crap that she had bought there.

She didn't feel like lugging it all home in her arms on foot, so she just took the whole cart home with her. By the very nature of them being a Dollar Store, they should realize that many of their customers are poor people who may not have an automobile to bring their stuff home. Anyway, I have been back a few times since I stopped going, but only once did I buy some cheap Easter candy that had been marked down after the holiday. the other times I went, there was one cashier with like a dozen people waiting in a line that was moving extremely slow, so I just put my stuff back and left because it wasn't worth waiting in line for, and I decided to just get it somewhere else.

All of these "Anonymous" posters on here that keep calling me a thief and all don't bother me one bit. They are probably just Dollar General Employees who are thinking that I was really stealing stuff and that's why they were following me.

They probably noticed that alot of items were missing with they did inventory, and didn't realize that most of the stuff had probably been stolen from them while the store was left unattended, probably because there was only one employee on duty and they were probably on the toilet with diarrhea and had left the store unattended because it was an emergency. I think that Dollar general should have enough employees working at all times so that this isn't an issue.

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