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hi i want to inform you of a dollar general store there building in mansfield ohio at the intersection of cook road and woodville on the old woodville school property they bought last year they started to build it the people had a meeting and they voted they dont want it built there could you please stop it from opening they had a meeting about a month ago and the people dont want it built there so could you please stop it from opening because we have a dollar general just 1 mile up the road on lexington ave so please again stop that new dollar general on cook road and woodville rd from opening thankyou again bye,

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You’re annoying


I bet you have no idea how CAPITALISM works. It’s THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY!!

If they want to open a store there then there is t ANYTHING you can do about it.

Go away you small minded, small town hick. Get over yourself princess snowflake.

to Durpa #1518043

This isn't true.


Lmao. That’s not how things work

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