I shop at my local Dollar General store which is located at 16th and Meridian in oklahoma City. On several occassions I have noticed that the manager was rude to several people.

Today I went there to buy some cleaning supplies. and was stopped. He said to me the floor is wet I prefer you to go another way I said that I would go another way. Then he said what do you want.

I told him I wanted some cleaning supplies. His responce was Is there something in paticular that you need. I answered I don't know what I want I want to look. He still insisted that I did not go to look for what I wanted.

So I told him that was fine I would go somewhere else if he didn't want me there. and I left I went to wa- mart and spent $25.00.

and I willl never go back to any Dollar General store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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If he he let you walk over the wet floor DG would be liable if anything happened -- its sounds like he made reasonable attempt to serve you -- the problem is that with the payroll they must do such things before the store closes as there is not enough time given after the store closes to do them...

Lindrith, New Mexico, United States #21669

The reason many employees of Dollar General don't care is because there is a low moral, I worked for DG for 3 mths as an assistant manager and made $8/hr. My general manager made $400/wk. The management is overwhelmed between trying to keep the store clean, reducing shrink and hiring new employees all the time, it is stressful and not worth it.

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