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Your manager of the Ashland MO 65010 store is the RUDEST most unprofessional person I have EVER had contact with. She is not only rude to the customers, but she and her little side kick employees talk about other customers and employees, laughing and making fun of them while people are shopping.

Some of these people she talks about are mine and other people in towns friends. This is a small town and everyone is talking about her and how rude she is and many are saying(including myself)that we are going to stop shopping there. We work hard for our money and are tired of going into your business and being treated like 2nd class citizens in our own town!! She and her 2 little sidekicks also park right at the front door, taking up places for customers, especially the elderly.

I have a business major and have managed a few businesses and would never treat people the way this girl does, it is really sad! A friend of mine went there for an interview last summer and Jenn actually had one of her side kicks with her during the interview and held a paper up to her mouth and laughed and made jokes about my friend while interviewing her, UNBELIEVABLE, BUT TRUE!! If you don't do something about this rude, immature girl as your manager, you are going to lose a lot of business.

We are all sick of her and I can give you the names and numbers of at least 20 people with similar stories. I really hope that you take this seriously, this small town won't patronize a business that treats them so bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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jenn needs to be demoted or fired she is very rude a disrespectful to consumers

to Anonymous #1049010


Ashland, Missouri, United States #919528

Will something ever be done about thus Manager? She is so rude and her employees are as well.

You have to wait forever to get someone the check you out because they are too busy chatting in the office. They will even look right at you and still not come over.

Ashland, Missouri, United States #854124

Why is she still there? Does management not have the guts to deal with her and make her be accountable to customers?

I do believe it hurts your business. Wake up dollar general officials


Was looking for store hours because I was going in for a job application today! I'm new in Ashland.

Thanks for the heads up! Won't be doing that!!!

Columbia, Missouri, United States #611021

I also agree! I have managed several retail stores &the I don't understand howbthis woman, Jenn is still even an employee much less a manager!

She needs to be stopped!

I would rather waste the gas & the drive 20 minutes to Columbia to shop than to go in the store while she works. She also never wants to help customers she plays on her phone and makes customers wait until she is done with her personal then business before she has time to help anyone.


This is true. I also live in Ashland and couldn't agree more. I shop there as little as possible.

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