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On three separate occasions the manager (at least I think she is, she is always there) has been rude to me and lied to me about sale prices. She acts as though you are stealing from her pockets when you get a good sale on anything in the store.

I ran into a penny sale on some clothes and she tells me after they are already in my buggy that I can't have them. I asked her what they would do with them & she said throw them in the trash. I said that I would pull them from the trash to give to Salvation Army or a needy family, she said she would rip them to shreds before putting them in the trash. This woman has serious anger problems.

Another time she told me something wasn't on sale when I knew it was, so I took it to the front to checkout & it was on sale ... I think she purposely lied to me so I wouldn't get the sales price. This week I learned of some penny items going on sale & went into the store & she saw me & said "are you here for the yellow & white dot penny items?" I said "yes" & she says "haha I pulled them all last night, so your not gonna get anything from here".

Well, that is very accurate, because I will NEVER set foot in this store again. If this is how you want your managers to run your stores, you will lose a lot of customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States #902825

If the customers they lose are the penny people, they'll be more than happy to see them go. Trust me, they hate to see them coming.

Most districts have a phone chain where the first manager to see them calls the other managers in their districts and lets them know the penny people are coming. Then they all check and get most of it off the sales floor.


That is ridiculous. They are never told to put then n the dumpster.

They have to be boxed up for donations. Those items go to all diff charitiea depending on the merchandise. Not to mention when u buy them its the managera responsibility to pull them and they get in trouble and could loose their job. But as long as you get ur penny merchandise thats all that matters right.

Forget the fact that as u state she ia always there which means she is working her butt off cause she is understaffed and knows when u cone to the register and buy them that is one step closer to her loosing her job. She may have afamily to feed. If you are infact donating those items bring in a business card and fill out the paper and you can pick them up boxed up for you free of charge. But oh thats right u need 15 wind chimes or 8 flag poles.

It resiculous nothing in life is free. You may only pay a penny but it will cost someone else there job. How would u feel if i came to your work or your husbands and pointes out everything he missed until u where fired.

Youwoukd be a little pissed off to. Know what u are talking about before u post this nonsense.

to christina Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States #902820

Not to mention the royal mess these penny shoppers leave behind as they toss stuff everywhere trying to find all the penny items. AND the fact that they are the rudest people you'll ever meet. OR the fact that when they get to the register with stuff they mistakenly thought was a penny but wasn't, they left it all there for the cashier to put back; that is, after arguing with the cashier and then calling the manager to argue with them also because some *** put on the internet that it was going to penny out.

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