Dollar General stores in Alachua County Florida is epidemic in its poor customer service and general store upkeep. The last straw was when I purchased a 4-pack of socks in which two pairs had numerous holes. Returning the socks I had to endure the store managers accusation that I pulled on the plastic tie and tore the holes myself. The fact was I carefully used a pair of scissors, taking extra care as not to do the very thing this manager accused me of doing.

Other events of disgust are one person in the entire store on a busy Sunday with at least a dozen in line at the checkout. Go ahead and take whatever you want. So much for the safety of their employees.

How about the time where the aisles were literally strewn with merchandise actually heaped into a disorganized pile of various products? One couldn't even go down that aisle due to the clutter.

Here's the last one. (And there's more but I'll spare you). I was purchasing a bottle of shampoo and the cashier asks me how much it costs. "I don't know, I didn't look" I said. The cashier says "why not you should know these things". Yea, like it's my mission in life to learn all Dollar General's prices.

Message to management: How about hiring people with normal cognitive powers and not morons? Secondly, how about training your managers and staff in customer courtesy. I highly resent the attitude and treatment of your managers and employees. Dollar General website has no customer service link! Does anyone at this corporation even care????

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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