my name is Ray love I live in frederic the cashier Ann used to go out with my best friend she got drunk and threw her boyfriend out because I told her he was after my girlfried sue witch started out as a joke she was drunk and took it the wrong way and threw her boyfriend my friend out not your problem the problem is she says things I dont even want to repeat worse she is standing behind the counter saying all this terrible stuff about him to other people she has had the smell of booze on her they drink allnight tues to do the truck on wed and other stuff to she was so high when i was in line that her bosspulled her away from casheir and told her it would be okay when she heard what she was saying to me in line i just dont want her saying stuff about alan clemons to me or anyone she is sick in the head that guy treated her well and she *** all over him for something that wasen,t even tru then threw him out in the night for why does she have to tell people the oppisite idk stop her from using her job to trash this guy please tell her to stop

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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