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On friday there was a deaf customer that was humiliated to tears by the asst. Manager and Manager of the limestone pkwy, gainesville, ga store.

I am very upset and will no longer frequent that store along with a large group of us that witnessed this treatment and gathered in front of the store. She was yelled at and screamed at. A nice lady intervened and took care of her. She asked for the employee to call a cab that was all and she screamed at her to do it herself.

She cant use a phone she is deaf. After the cab came that another lady called for - the lady was angry and crying over the treatment. The asst. manager and the manager were laughing at her, really.

I am so angry. This is terrible for them to treat her this way. We all saw it, what has this country come to. Review your tapes, this is ignorance and should be dealt with.

She is a human and they treated her like ***.

They should be able to call a cab for a deaf person. This is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Not our problem if she can't hear, we don't have to call a cab for her ,if she has issues like that then she should've taken it upon herself ylto tale care of it not to have people at a store do it for ger. I'm glad she got the treatment she did.

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