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I was shopping with my daughter yesterday at the Dollar General store in Marietta, Oh., and she was planning to buy some cleaning supplies. She found the aisle where the items were that she wanted, but the boxes were piled up at each end and she couldn't even get through.

I have pictures that she took with her cell phone showing this very well. I can send them to you if needed. Also, a clerk was sitting on the floor cleaning the shelves and talking to someone, not even noticing my daughter who was trying to get through to the aisle. Now, this is the best part.

It was August 1st (when a lot of people get their checks and do shopping) and also a Friday afternoon.

This should be done later in the day or night and boxes should not have been blocking the aisles. Needless to say, my daughter left the store without buying anything and we went to another store where she found the items without any problem.

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