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Well ,store on Brambleton has a new Mgr. If u observe store without warning u r coming,u will see two or three employees continuously outside smoking no none inside/was there today shelves were near empty and product was all over floors.

If u checked u would know ur mgr.

is a weekend partygirl and isnt into dedication nor is her snippy little blond helper.I will just have to shop at sme other dollar store this one isnt being managed up to par.Thakn u hope u check up on them and catch them costing your company a ton of money because of their terrib;le work habits. Thank You

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #643295

You don't have any reason to criticize what goes on anyplace, until you learn how to spell correctly, use proper punctuation, put spaces between sentences, etc. Also "u" isn't a word, and neither is "r".

"sme" isn't a word, either. How do you know the manager is a weekend party girl, and how is it any of your business?


What you need to do is "GET YOU SOME BUSINESS AND LEAVE EVERYONE ELSES ALONG"."NOISY ***".Also exactly who are you "SPYING ON".


Dont get bird poo in your nose from sticking it up in the air so high you arregant jacka@#$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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