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On the mornings of 27 Jan. 2012 and 28 Jan.

2012 I stopped by the Bridgeton, NC. Dollar General and on each morning they had not been open by their posted time of 8:00 am. On the 27th the woman came pulling up in her car at 8:15 practically ran inside and to push some kind of buttons on a wall. I walked into the store about 20 after.

Today I got back into my truck and left the still closed store at 8:27.

This store is going down hill real fast. I noticed in each situation two to three other customers pull up and upon realizing the store was still closed left saying that they were going shopping elsewhere.

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Kirbyville, Texas, United States #433053

Notice how I said man a store. That is why only men should be in management.

to Douglas Helvie (rean name) #594636

That's why you should be the manager. You'd make a -wonderful- one.


I don't know what was going on. What I do know is that the store had been opened on a number of days consecutively.

And they should have enough employees to man the store.

Otherwise people can take their money elsewhere and eventually this type of behavior can cause a business to close. :(

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #429554

No the problem is women managers, women clearly don't know how to run a store.

to Douglas Helvie #594634

I guess women are only good when they're in the kitchen, huh?


How do you not now that there wasn't a situation going on with that employee? :(

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