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I walked in to neighborhood store to buy dog food and there was a line,so i asked the three employees standing by register if they could open one. The manager on duty would not look at me or talk directly to me.

Under her breath for everyone to hear she said we need to be patient very rudely. The manager said they were doing a shift change and we needed to be patient, then a customer on the other side said the employees were nice,but in a snotty tone and gave me dirty looks.I then commented on her snottiness and the manager asked me to leave very loudly. I returned the dog food but she was not going to let me.

I would not leave! I have been in retail management for over 20 years.I told the manager you do not talk to your customers like that, all she had to do was lok at me and politely say they were doing a shift change and we will be right with you.We can not read her mind or see on the backside of register area what they are doing.I would like to be contacted!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Brandon, Florida, United States #698061

OMG! Just admit it, you are a selfish, needy *** that wants to make YOUR EMERGENCY someone else's problem!!

20 yrs in retail?! HA! 20 mins MAYBE. If it was EXPLAINED TO YOU that there was a "SHIFT CHANGE" taking place, then being "in retail" should've spoken LOUD AND CLEAR that they were OBVIOUSLY busy trying to get the next shift in so they could take care of your *** ***!

You ASSUMED that all staff were capable of opening another register just for YOU! What if the MGR was training a new person or maybe they were over in their hours... hmm didn't think of any of those things, did you "Miss Retail"? Get a life and get a clue!

Didn't you mother ever teach you, you get more flies with honey than with vinegar? Didn't think so. Maybe next time, apply that adage and I am sure that you will come away with better results, instead of insults. OR, just keep being the 'Wahh-Wahh' *** you sound to be so you can come back here and cry on everybody's shoulders how you were wronged (people who don't give a *** about your plight to begin with!

Leaving out info is as good as lying! *** *** drama queen liar.


Wow, why are you attacking someone who is trying to voice her discontent about something that happens all the time? Nothing else matters except that she asked if they could open another line and was treated rudely.

Even if she got disrespectful after that, it doesn't matter.

A customer deserves some degree of respect. They wouldn't have a job if it weren't for customers.


The person that you think embarrassed you most likely has 0 retail experience.Just merely a person with a title making minimum wage. Im sure however, that there are 2 sides to this story and clearly you left out the truth. You shop at Dollar General, what kind of customer service are you expecting?


If you really did not yell and if you really did not act rudely than why would they kick you out. Not only the employees saw you for acting like a nine year old but so did the customers behind you.

You seem to think you are right and everyone else was wrong. That is why you got kicked out. So while you don't consider yourself being rude by your definition of rude, the manager, cashiers and customers behind you thought so otherwise. I am sure the manager did not see herself as rude either.

You are in the minority here, and you are not the one in the right while everyone else is wrong.

The manager, customer, and cashiers saw you as rude. Anon is right grow up.


I never said you were racist and neither did anyone. The whole calling the kettle black things means that you accuse someone of doing something and you do the exact same effing thing.


I DO work in retail, in fact I work at a Dollar General. She probably asked you to leave because you were picking fights with the other customers.

I quote, "I then commented on her snottiness..." What kind of comment did you make? And did you make it directly at the customer, or did you complain to the manager? Sounds to me like you made a fool of yourself. YOU embarrassed YOURSELF!

Working retail is a different experience from store to store, so to say "I've worked retail for over 20 years" doesn't mean you know the ins and outs of absolutely everything retail.

So grow up, and next time be a little more patient and keep your mouth shut! That's something you should have learned while you worked in retail for 20 years!


I am not racist and i never said anything about race!


You did not even say please and you are accusing her of being racist. That is what I would say is the old kettle calling the pot black theory.

You do need to be more patient she was right. It is rude to be demanding and impatient. Also if other customers found your behavior offensive I am sure that there was more to this story than what you are telling. I am sure there is more to this story than the manager just asking you to leave.

You are leaving out some of your rude behaviour. When you refused to leave she should have called the police on you. I am sure the other customers who gave you dirty looks for acting like a fourth grader would back her up. You say you have been in retail for over 20 years but you don't act any older than nine.

They don't have to contact you. Judging from your behaviour why would they want you back.


Something tells me that there is a big part of this story you left out. Either way, there is a Dollar General survey you can fill out and let them know about your experience.

It is highly doubtful that anyone in Dollar General corporate reads these forums.

This is just a place for people to rant about their horrible experience together and get it off their chest. GL to you!

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