Today (Saturday, March, 29) I visited the store in Greenville, Ohio Located on Wagner Avenue. I went inside for some tea. While I was at the check out I dropped a quarter on the floor. The quarter rolled directly into the crack of a product rack. It was one of those "one in a million" shots that you could spend the rest of your life trying to get and never hit. The manager was running the check out and said "you could never do that again if you tried". I then said that I need to get that quarter. An employee walked over and stuck a knife into the crack and pushed the quarter into the point of no return. I told the manager again that I need to get that quarter. She said sorry it is gone. Again I said that I need to get that quarter. She said that it is Not going to happen. I put my purchase on the counter and said that the store owes me a quarter and I am going to be here until I get it. She then became somewhat Irate and hit the illiteracy donation box and opened it up and took a quarter out and handed it to me. I was in shock and did not know what to say. I left and went to my car still in a state of shock not knowing how to react. I sat in the car for a few minutes trying to comprehend what had just happened. I started my long drive home, which is about 30 minutes away, and realized that she had just made me complicit in a crime committed against a charity. I feel so terrible and guilt ridden that I can hardly deal with myself.

This Can NOT be Tolerated. It will NOT be Tolerated. I am going to call the Police, and then I am going to contact every news station in the Area, in addition to posting this on every Social Media Site as well as forums across the world wide web because this has to be known that the Store Manager at the Dollar General Store on Wagner Avenue in Greenville is a Thief.

I will return to the store on Monday and put the quarter back into the Donation box where it belongs. Hopefully by then the Manager will be incarcerated for stealing from all of those needy people who are in dire straights to learn how to read.

I suspect the Manager lacks the intelligence to know that typically over 60% of that money goes to administration costs and only 40% goes to the intended recipients. That 25 cents could make the difference of giving someone the chance to learn how to read.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Kokomo, Indiana, United States #966763

Nut jobby nut job..over .25 cents that you were throwing a fit to get?? Wow.

Thank The universe i dont live close to you..can you people imagine living with next door to someone like this?? Lolol this has to be a joke


You are a nut case... I put out a lot of money in a day, from my own pocket to keep as s ho le s like you who find some way to shortchange my drawer, quiet.

Do you really think I want to do this, day after day.

But, in the name of customer service, and keep the line moving please, for all the people behind you. I hope you di e slow and r ot in H e L L!


First of all if you did your reasearch you would know that 100% of the money goes to Literacy and a bunch more does as all proceeds from the DG Chocolate bar. No money is used for overhead.

Second of all, if you are going to make such a scene over the quarter you have way too much time on your hands. And lastly, MAYBE he took the quarter out of the box because it was quicker and you were making such a scene. But maybe he had put it in earlier or replaced it after you left. Calling him a thief and ranting all over the net is way over the line.

Judge not lest ye be judged. I don't remember who said that, but you might want to rethink thinks and maybe take an anger management class.

to Anonymous #844487

Hey this is not as bad as that person throwing a fit because she was charged 9 cents for extra cream in her coffee.

Enterprise, Alabama, United States #812568

Actually, that "literacy" money is added to the register total, and taken out once it reaches the bank. It doesn't go straight into the waiting hands of the charity, and said charity is Exclusively Dollar General funded and run. So with that being said, it is all Dollar General money, so technically not stealing since it all comes from, and goes to the same place....Please know your facts before you make a assanine rant on the Internet....lol

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #803551

Btw what could you buy with a quarter anyway?

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #812577

A gumball from the gumball machine, holiday chocolate from Walmart when it is 75 percent off(Cadbury cream egg, chocolate covered marshmellow) a condom from the condom machine in the mens room.


I m rely upeit, dotw know how to reed that quarter could ve tout me to read, bad store.

Elkhart, Indiana, United States #800096

Sounds like you are a ***. First of all, you didn't drop a quarter, you spotted one and thought you could claim it.

Second, you made a big scene over a quarter.

Third, go ahead and call the cops and news. You are what is known as a crackpot ***.

First Born Triplet
to Joe Carroll Markham, Ontario, Canada #800141

Is this your first time on the internet? It is obvious she is trolling. In internet definition posting this fiction story just to get reactions.

to First Born Triplet Montgomery, Alabama, United States #800247

Yeah I don't know what is more funny, this troll review or the people falling for this.

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