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My friend and I had been to 2 other Dollar General's that day and this was our last. Upon entering a lady with a small child approx age 2 were being screamed at by the manager.

She never shut up, she continued to scream until the child got scared. The mother remained calm, kudo's to her, if it had been me your manager would have been hitting the floor somewhere around now. I do not know either of these two women but I assure you that I will not return to this Dollar Store while the manager is still there. The abuse was uncalled for and as we were standing there another customer said to me that the manager was always rude.

I came home and told my sister in law about the experience and she had had an altercation with the same manager over trying to return an item. She was also rude to her. I think you should investigate this individual as I believe you lost several customers that day.

Store 900 Parkerson St, Crowley Louisiana, employee number that witnessed # 322033, this lady use to be the manager and is always pleasant and friendly, she apologized to us but she should not have had to. Shame on you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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What one person sees as being rude, might not seem that way to another person. Also what one person hears as a loud voice, might not be loud to another person. I can't feature why anybody would want to go to that many dollar stores in one day or even a month.

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