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There was a sign located near the Gain dryer sheets that stated spend $15 in Gain products get $5off. I purchased nearly $20 in products only to get to the register to not receive the $5 off.

I asked the cashier if the $5 came off she stated no, I told her about the sign she was unaware of this promotion. She waited to another sales person to come to the front of the store but he was taking to long and the line became longer due to there were 2 registers yet only one cashier. I told her nevermind considering I didn't want to hold the line up. A male walked up and she asked him about the promotion, he grabs the sale ad to look for the promotion, I explained to him that there was a sign near the gain products, he went back to look, came back and told me that the sign was 2mths old and considering I had already cashed out to basically forget it.

I asked him who was he because he had on a backpack as if he was leaving the store, he stated he was the store manager "Mario"..I told him that he should take the sign down due to its outdated, he proceeded to argue back and forth with (very unprofessional) I had already paid for my things but forgot I needed to purchase I walked over to get the soda he continued to talk about the situation, I then asked him why was he still talking to me, he stated because he "could" and that he is 44yrs old, we exchanged words, I told from the looks of things he was leaving for the day, so my suggestion is that he did just that and stop talking to me. For him to be a MANAGER he was RUDE, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and did a POOR JOB representing Dollar General Corp. I always shop at DG stores and never have I has this kind of experience. After he left the cashier & other worker apologized for his rude behavior, There was a long line of customers in the store with only 1 line open, instead of him arguing with a customer he should have took that backpack off and opened up the other register to get the line down before leaving for the day or maybe even attempting to stop the lady that was stuffing her purse with merchandise.

His behavior was unacceptable and something needs to be done! Signed An angry DG shopper

Review about: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Its not about the coupon, its about poor management.

I didn't like: Poor management, Unprofessional, Manger was very rude, Was not aware of in store sale signs.

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Clinton Township, Michigan, United States #1347960

And why the *** cant people spell "manager"?

to Anonymous Monroe, North Carolina, United States #1348017

Because I knew someone like you would correct me!

Spring, Texas, United States #1347762

Even if it was in date the you don't get $5 of your total you get a coupon printed on your receipt for $5 of your next purchase dumb ***

to Anonymous Monroe, North Carolina, United States #1348016

I don't think I asked for your opinion ***!

to LoveLamar2 #1350408

Don't really care *** for brains

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