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I went into the |Dollar General on 15th St Panamaa city Fl Sat 15. Walked past the bread aisle and there was half of loave of loose bread laying there went and got my things to purchase and it was still there, in the meantime, the day manager walked up the the check-out didn't even bother to clean it up.

I and the rest of the customers saw it and she didn't, tells me she doesn't care.

Won't be going back to that location. The manager should take pride in the way her store looks .

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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All you say is the day manager walked up to the check out, and didn't clean up the spilled loaf of bread. You didn't say that she walked past the bread aisle.

Furthermore, maybe there was something she had to hurry and tend to at the checkout lane.

Another thing when I am in a store and see something on the floor I stop and pick it up and put it back on the shelf. I kind of think you expect too much from dollar stores.

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