A little over a month ago the store manager quits. The store was

Bad when she was in charge. Then when she quit the ASM and the LSA get the store looking good. Although it took the 2 a few weeks, it was looking good I started to enjoy shopping there. Then out of no where they get this

New girl in there she said she was acting SM. Until they get a new manager.

Well the store is in worse shape now than ever. You can't shop for carts and

Boxes and something they call rolltainers all over the sales floor.

The new ACTING SM is rearly rude to customers the employees can't work for Her wanting to talk all the time I mean the acting SM does not shut up!

She does not conduct herself in a professional manner at all.

I mean this new girl has no clue what she is doing. The company just need to let the ASM and LSA in charge they had the store looking good and everybody was happy. Including the customers me of course as well as the other cust. If they leave The Asian girl in charge they should just go ahead and cut their loseswith that store and shut it down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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For one thing, you are calling them ASM and LSA. That tells me that you are probably a worker there or a friend/relative to someone who works there.

You might even be the ASM or LSA. Another, why would just a plain customer get so bent out of shape over who is running the store. Just admit that you work there, and that you are pissed about someone else coming in and taking your job from you that you thought you deserved! Go to your DM (and yes, I work at a Dollar General) and talk to her about the situation.

Don't get on a public website and down the place you work at. You make all of us look bad. I do Believe that you work for Dollar General. I can understand being upset, but this is not the way to handle it.

For another thing, you spoke of you and another customer. Honey, that just gave you away. So If I worked at this store, and I had seen it, WE WOULD BE GOING AND HAVING A NICE TALK TO OUR DM TOGETHER!! And did you really have to do the racial profiling??

I mean, come on, you already told everyone where you came from (that's if you didn't lie about that also). GROW UP!! GROW SOME B*lls and talk about this like an adult. I can see why they didn't let either one of you be the Store Manager.

Look how you get on here and act!

I can only imagine how awful it would be to work for you if this is how you handle things!! ,)


Bad behavior is the way to promotion at Dollar General it seems. People who care, and give 100% get kicked in the teeth in the end.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #739029

contact corporate with your complaint(s) and then cease shopping there. Simple.

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